One Week to go…. Birmingham Half Marathon

Only one week left til the Birmingham Half Marathon and how do I feel? Bad, really. I’ve had a nasty cold which has gone from my head to my throat and onto my chest. I’ve bought medicine for the first time in years and I keep having flashbacks to being a small child coughing and ingesting thick, sickly sweet linctus. It does seem to be helping though, which is useful.

Birmingham Half Marathon
Birmingham Half Marathon click to sponsor me :) please

While it is not the best time to get ill, it could be a lot worse. I could have caught this bug right now, so the full force would’ve hit in time for the run itself. So I’m fairly pleased that didn’t happen and am confident that it’ll have cleared by next Sunday. Phew!

Not textbook preparation for the Great Birmingham Run

My preparation was not textbook in the first place anyway, however, this illness has really knocked it off track. Out of my hands really but I am intending to get a few short runs in this week, even if they are only 1 to 1 and a half miles I’ll be quite happy. Gives me a great chance to work on the ChiRunning technique, which is a key component.

ChiRunning technique means that the effort expended during running is much less than it can be. Personally, that really IS the case, gravity is my friend and I’m quietly confident that it will remain so on the big day. It’s a case of remaining sufficiently focused to keep the new good habits going over the 13 miles. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Birmingham Half Marathon Information Pack

Birmingham Half Marathon
Great Birmingham Run course

My pack arrived last week, when I was feeling really rough on Monday, I was in bed for almost the entire day. However, the pack is pretty useful and easily understood. In my opinion the most important piece of information was the elevation profile of the route. It starts off downhill, there’s a bump in the middle and ends up being uphill. I’d been warned of the final rise to the route and being able to see it is oddly comforting. If I know it’s there I can deal with it.

Doing the Sutton Fun Run years ago I remember being wary of the infamous ‘cardiac hill’ towards the end of the route but it wasn’t too bad at all. I chatted to my mate all the way up it, while visualising being pulled up it by a chain, like the anchor chain on a big ship. The ChiRunning bloke has a better visualisation though. Focus on a distant object and imagine a bungy chord attached to that and your chest. It pulls you towards it, of course, and actually seems to help.

ASIRT – Assylum Seekers and Immigration Resource Team

Readers will be aware my Birmingham Half Marathon efforts are in aid of collecting sponsorship on behalf of the excellent ASIRT (read about them in this earlier post) charity. So please feel free, or even be encouraged to sponsor me at the Just Giving page anything will be gratefully received and will help people in a much worse situation than we could ever find ourselves in.


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