Oak Tree Market in Leigh on Sea

The Oak Tree Market is a vegetarian restaurant in Leigh on Sea, Essex. We went there the other day for lunch and I was very impressed. In fact, I was very happy to meet another vegan in owner Sam Anderson as you know you’re in safe vegan hands. The Oak Tree Market is really bright and airy inside and a very pleasant place to go and eat.

Raspberry and Almond crunch
Raspberry and Almond crunch

GIANT salad at the Oak Tree Market

Between us we had several of the salads on offer. This wasn’t just a plate of cucumber, spring onion and half a jar of olives, no there are a variety to choose from. I had a Giant salad, Ricotta & Avocado without the ricotta. And then coleslaw and potato salad as a side. These were delicious and enough to fill me up. I would normally be left wanting after a salad but not today.

It’s good to know that everything is fresh and not out of a plastic bag. This means they can actually cater for all kinds of dietary requirements. So gluten and yeast can be easily avoided. Good stuff. Sam mentioned that she didn’t realise there were so many vegans in the area, very encouraging. I was surprised given the poor vegan options available at most places.

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In one place we went, on telling the waitress of my vegan requirements she exclaimed “Oh you poor thing!” It was like being on the set of the Royal Family or something. I do think she was genuinely ignorant rather than malicious but it’s hardly encouraging. This sort of incredulous at being vegan attitude was to be expected 10 years ago but nowadays I expect more. The local paper review had a similar vegetarian ignorant but not malicious feel to it as the reader is encouraged to “forget the stereotypes… we prove veggie food can be fun“. Maybe I’m being harsh…

Whatever, that’s not the case at the Oak Tree Market. They know how to make a vegan happy. And they certainly managed that with the pudding. Raspberry and almond crunch, which was spectacular. I like to have something that I can’t make for myself when I go out for something to eat and this fitted into that category. Brilliant.

We took a chocolate brownie back with us – stunning again. I’m impressed. All a bit of a treat as these are very sweet but droolingly sumptuous.

Flamenco Oak Tree Market
Flamenco picture at the Oak Tree Market

More than a cafe…

The Oak Tree Market also sells certain veggie groceries. They have an entire Plamil section, with mayo and chocolate spread. The Garlic Mayo is my all time vegan mayo fave, great choice. And there was a jar of vegan chocolate spread from Plamil, which I’ve not seen before. Interesting, but too sugary for me.

There was a menu on the wall for a Mexican food night they were promoting. This could well be worth going along to, if you do let me know how it went!

I’ll be coming to the Oak Tree Market again. I think you should too!

How to find the Oak Tree Market, it’s very easy…

Convinced? Need to get there in a hurry? It’s easy to find. The Oak Tree is located on Leigh Road before it winds it’s way into the Broadway. It’s next door to the Taj Mahal Restaurant. The full address is 75 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, and you can call them on 01702 471435. Or find them on their Oak Tree Bistro website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Jon had the vegan potato salad and coleslaw but they also had regular versions of each for those of us who love real mayo :) It was a really lovely salad.

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