Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester

I failed to attend the Northern Vegan Festival but the lovely Trishul Smith went and told me all about  it. I was a bit envious of the people going there as Trish posted a pic of her Pistachio & Sour Cherry caramels on Facebook and they do taste as good as they look, I can confirm that. The sour cherry flavour bombs are explosive! I do love these all raw, vegan treats.

Sour cherry and pistachio

Trish informed me that there were queues around the block trying to get into the first ever Northern Vegan Festival, with many people not actually managing to get in. As it was the first Northern Vegan Festival the organisers didn’t really know how many would turn up. Well it was 2500! No wonder it was rammed inside the event. Held in a hotel vegans & non-vegans could munch their dinners as regular hotel guests looked on.

More Ms Cupcake & Trishul Smith

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These events do tend to get very full and the passageways between rows of stalls are narrow. But it’s a trade-off to keep the price down for stallholders by having enough stalls and enabling sufficient space. It’ll get better and better over time, but it’s great that the interest is so high. Amazing really, massive well done to everyone who helps at these events. Isn’t veganism fashionable these days?

Ms Cupcake & Trishul Smith at the Northern Vegan Festival

Ms Cupcake & Trishul Smith at the Northern Vegan Festival

Clearly, Trish met up with Ms Cupcake and they had a good chat. She’s very nice apparently. You do get that impression from her cookbook, I have to say. Talking of cupcakes they were dog cupcakes available, which this fella seems to enjoy. I’m assuming they were made from doggie treats rather than a human cupcake recipe. It’s probably better for dog’s to eat something more suitable than a sugary cupcake with icing.

Another of Trish’s raw vegan treats making a debut at the Northern Vegan Festival was her Quince and Baobab bars. Apparently, her bars don’t go so well but these were very popular. I can see why, they are delicious, a white chocolate style with strong fruity explosions, very nice. I’m not normally a fan of white-style chocolate but these are the exception.

Cupcakes for dogs

Moringa in Manchester

Trish met a couple of blokes with Moringa seeds. These are a superfood which provides you with loads of energy. Every part of the Moringa tree is used in Africa the roots reach deep to glean nutritional porperties, apparently. I’ve been having Moringa leaves in powder form for a while and am a fan. This powder mixed in your juice is not tasty as such but great for health!

Anyway, the Moringa guys can be reached at their Ankrah website but are going to be at Vegan Festivals in the future.  Hopefully, they will come to the Birmingham Vegan Fair in July! And hopefully, I’ll be able to make the next Northern Vegan Festival!

Anyone else go, how was did you get on?

4 thoughts on “Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester”

  1. Thought it would’ve been your thing Rach. Whatever, you’re very right about that Trishull bomb though :)
    Do you go to these Vegan things normally?

  2. I like to go Vegan things, yes. I appreciate the vegan way of life and the care that goes into creating food and knowing what goes into it etc. I may not be a vegan but I do the same with my food!

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