New EU Seed Law on Plant Reproductive Materials – what it means

Well, what a hectic fortnight. Everyone we know has been lobbying hard, and thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been emailing and writing about this, there were some important last-minute changes to the proposed EU seed law.

Considering the new EU seed laws
EU considering seed laws that affect us all

While it is still a terrible law, it is less bad than the earlier drafts. This is only because so much pressure was brought to bear on them! We must remain vigilant, and fight for improvements to the law as it goes through the EU, and then is translated into UK laws. For now, here is a summary of the current situation. The law itself is linked at the bottom.

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To get the full details on what the new EU seed law is all about you need to click through to the linked post.

What it does show is that pressure can evoke change at EU level. With the UK government firmly in favour of pushing through a GM foods agenda the EU is where the pro-choice side will be heard.

For more on why you ought to be concerned about GM crops watch the Monsanto Documentary Genetic Roulette. The push for food control from Monsanto is relentless, their crops are not properly tested and that alone should be reason enough to stop the march for worldwide GM dominance.

The ironic thing with these proposed EU seed laws is…

The fool of a Minister for Farming, David Heath, recently rebranded the WWII Dig for Victory slogan to Dig for Survival. He was suggesting that the UK were in danger of running out of food!

Reported by the Daily Mail he said

We made a huge mistake a few years ago when the idea got around that we didn’t need to produce in the agricultural sector any more, that we would be able to buy our way through whatever was necessary to feed the country

And he adds

that the use of genetically modified crops could be significant in securing food supplies in the future.

Clearly, the government agenda is inline with the Monsanto and other major Biotech corporations. It’s ironic that he calls for us to get to the allotments when the very same biotech companies want to restrict the availability of seed to such allotment efforts.

EU seed laws will lead to a ban on heirloom seeds

The proposed EU seed laws and allotment growing is not a happy match! The alarmist nature of the quotes from this foolish man is clearly aimed at scaring the public into accepting GM crops. Not good.

Interestingly, the Daily Telegraph reports that food shortages are likely given the bad weather and other factors. Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City University, London intimates that

all assessments of the world’s food systems reach the same damning conclusion, namely that “a big crunch is coming”. Falling oil reserves – needed for fertilisers – climate change and a soaring global population are coming together in a perfect storm.

“The only arguments are over what to do about it,” he says. “Some say that new technology will address the problem, but I’m one of those who say it can’t, because we would need four planet Earths to eat like the Americans and two to three planet Earths for us all to eat like Northern Europeans. What we need to do is radically change our diets.”

And there’s not a vegan that doesn’t know this. It means a shift away from meat production, which is simply not sustainable on ONE planet earth! Notice Professor Lang doesn’t mention the need for GM crops or the need for a new EU seed law banning heirloom seeds! It’s one thing promoting their own GM seeds but an attempt to ban non-hybrid, original seeds is quite another. This is pure evil!

The new EU seed law is nothing more than Monsanto and the like pushing their agenda to control the world’s food supply. This lobbying of politicians means that policy to suit multi-national corporations is NOT for the greater good. That is putting it very mildly.

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