Ms Cupcake – The naughtiest vegan cakes in town!

I was sent a copy of Ms Cupcake – The naughtiest vegan cakes in town! to review on the blog! I’m not a huge cake eater and certainly not a cupcake fan, although I did have one at Veged Out just before Christmas last year. But as there were promises of easy recipes, no bake recipes and decadent cupcakes, all vegan and with the bonus of gluten-free versions, I was in!
Ms Cupcake - The naughtiest vegan cakes in town!

Who is Ms Cupcake?

Well, she comes from Canada, apparently, and was sick of the lack of vegan cake choices so decided to do something about it. So she started a market stall here and there and now runs a shop in Brixton Market, since 2011.

Ms Cupcake has been on the telly too! I don’t watch Britain’s Best Bakery but she’s been on it as well as Women’s Hour on Radio Four, while she has won the Rising Star prize in the Baking Industry awards. All good recommendations, I suppose.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of cupcakes?

Ms CupcakeActually, I’m not really a fan of cupcakes or muffins but was intrigued to investigate snickerdoodles amongst others. I have experienced a very bland vegan cupcake a good few years ago, which has in no way enamoured me toward cupcakes. And anyway, I am probably too health conscious for cupcakes, to be honest, but I do like a good cookbook.

And this is a good fun cookbook. There’s a fifties theme running through the book and the staff are all into it with quiffs and tattoos and flicking through I do want to pop down to Brixton Market and visit the shop. They do look as though they have fun and the cakes are tempting.

It’s a lovely cookbook to look at more Ma Larkin than Nigella, more friendly than flirty and all vegan of course. On my first flick through I was really pleased to find some very useful tips in the introduction, which are clearly born of trial and error frustrations.

Ms Cupcakes tips and advice

Anyone who has been vegan long enough will have come across the flat, stodgy excuse for a cake which is rather more of a malt loaf than a luxurious black forest gateaux! Well, Ms Cupcake has tips to avoid these common complaints. I like this sort of information.

You shouldn’t be stirring the ingredients too much. No more than simply combining them! Great stuff, there are more similar tips on the Rules and Errors pages, which I really like. This is information I can use outside of cake making.

In addition, there’s a section on Ms Cupcake’s alternatives to milk and eggs in baking. These tips are succinct and very useful, I would never have thought to use ground flaxseed to bind, for example. Recommendations for what type of recipes each is suitable for is also included. I approve and really do like this advice as it is very useful.

Also, she provides us with advice for using gluten free flour alternatives as well as substitutes for sugar, some of which are useful for diabetics. This pleases me because I want to avoid sugar where I can. Ms Cupcake includes agave syrup in her list which along with date syrup and stevia are my favourites. Although, diabetics beware!

Cupcakes and other vegan cake recipes

There are a lot ranging from cupcakes and muffins, through layer cakes and loaves, easy and no bakes, cookies and ending up with deep fried stuff. This last section has doughnuts, which make me cringe, I really am NOT a fan, the smell makes me feel ill, so I will not be trying those.

Oh yes there are also frosting/icing recipes too. I’ll probably not bother with these too as my teeth ache at the thought. But there are some I’ve picked out to potentially have a go at.

Excellent Layout Ms Cupcake!

I do really like the way the recipes are laid out, each is a double page with a picture and the ingredients in small type in columns across the one page. This precludes the need to keep turning pages and getting sticky stuff over your book. A small but very useful feature and greatly appreciated. This small detail will ensure I use this cookbook more often than I would otherwise.

Ms Cupcakes; verdict on the naughtiest vegan cakes in town

I like this cookbook to use, it’s got some great advice and the recipes are easy to use. The pictures are great and it’s a fun cookbook to look at. Without trying any of the recipes I like this book, however, there isn’t a lot of really healthy recipes in here. The emphasis is very much on decadence, which is the whole point, of course. I’ll give Ms Cupcake’s first cookbook four stars out of five.

I have picked out a few recipes that I will try and will list the links to these attempts as I do them, so watch this space!

Recipes completed

Here’s the first – Blueberry and Lemon Loaf Cake

And the second from Ms Cupcake’s cookbook – Snickerdoodles

I got to meet Ms Cupcake at the recent V-Delicious show at Olympia, both her and her friend are fab and so friendly.

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Ms Cupcake - The naughtiest vegan cakes in town!
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9 thoughts on “Ms Cupcake – The naughtiest vegan cakes in town!”

  1. Nom, nom . Since I only possess a loaf tin, we could not do cupcakes. So Jon baked me a fabulous lemony blueberry birthday cake – I know he will be writing a post about this in the future.

    It was adapted from one of Ms CupCake’s recipes to allow for both his vegan views and my non-wheat needs.

    I suspect that, without the guidance on ingredients at the beginning, what turned out to be a fluffy confection would have been rather stodgy. Thank you Ms Cupcake :)

  2. Interesting review- I never heard of Ms Cupcake before. Must look at the book. I have found “The Book of Egg Free Cakes” by Cynthia Stammers very good, though it’s not all vegan, so needs some adapting. everything I’ve baked from there has come out brilliantly though. Last week I made some wholemeal muffins using “flax eggs”- they work beautifully :)

  3. Ah, that flax eggs trick is in the Ms Cupcake book as a suggestion along with some others. I like these tips very much. I have made a cake from this book and will write it up once it’s been eaten. Very nice though and importantly, not something I would have tried otherwise!

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