MoVeganBer superfood stir fry – turmeric and quinoa with coconut oil

I’m all about superfood. One of the best things being vegan, is the sheer variety of food I eat. And the beauty of plant food is they are loaded with good guys. Superfoods are easy to come by. Raw is best to conserve your nutrients but a stir fry is cooking quickly so not too much damage done.

Stir fry superfood

MoVeganber superfood intro…

Today’s stir fry combines three of my fave superfoods. Coconut oil, which is pricey but lovely, in the raw, organic state is my absolute favourite superfood. Simply because it is so versatile and so healthy. Quinoa is the superfood of the Andes. They used to have it when going into battle. Packed with protein and full of energy it is a good source of dietary fibre and phosphorus and is high in magnesium, iron and calcium. This is not cheap but not hugely expensive. Then there’s turmeric. the medicinal properties of which have been known for centuries. And now there are numerous studies confirming the benefits of this very cheap superfood.

Mixed veg stir fry

I tend to mix and match in stir frys, why wouldn’t you? In this one I wanted to make the tofu crispy. It’s a grat way of cooking tofu as it becomes a lot more interesting. This stuff is bland but soaks up flavour brilliantly. Making it crispy makes it even better.

Today the veg was cut small except for the leeks and courgette. These were cut bigger so they retained more moisture and flavour. I do like the veg to flavour my stir frys. I like turmeric with lemon seems to work quite well.

  • tofu diced
  • carrot diced
  • 2 sticks celery diced
  • onion thin slice
  • long and thick slices of courgette
  • full length leek strips
  • ginger
  • one whole lemon
  • garlic
  • table spoon of turmeric
  • wild rice and brown rice mix
  • quinoa
  • coconut oil to fry

This was really good. The courgette and leek did dominate and the mixed rice and quinoa was great.

Put the rice on first and set a timer for 15 mins, so you remember to add the washed quinoa. Fry the tofu first for a few mins, then add carrots and celery. Stir this around. Then add the long ingredients – courgette and leek. A minute or two later add the garlic and ginger. Then add the lemon, cook a little longer and serve it up. Yeah!

Never worry about adding a bit of water, this always helps if it’s drying out. Obvious I know…

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