Monsanto out of Europe!

No way, Monsanto out of Europe? So it seems…

”In Europe Monsanto only sells GM corn in three countries. GM corn represents less than 1% of the EU’s corn cultivation by land area. Field trials are only in progress in three countries. We will not spend any more money to convince people to plant them,”

states Brandon Mitchener, Public Affairs Lead for Monsanto in Europe and Middle East, in an interview with Investigative Reporting Denmark.

Monsanto out of Europe
Monsanto out of Europe – source

The decision was taken quietly. The company found no reason to communicate it. This means that every agribusiness company has now given up on genetically modified crops in Europe – apart from selling them in Spain and Portugal.

via GMO lose Europe – victory for environmental organisations | Investigative Reporting Denmark.

Monsanto out of europe sounds sweet!. It seems that Monsanto had trials for over two years in Denmark. These were extended for a year until the trials stopped. They couldn’t get the right answers.

As normal Monsanto didn’t want anything negative released so the results were not published, although they may be made available later this year.

Clearly, things didn’t work out (the program was not got with!) and they are pulling out of the EU! Monsanto will not be selling GM corn in the EU and according to this Danish report they will not be selling any GM crops.

Direct from the Public Affairs Lead for Monsanto in Europe and Middle East Brandon Mitchener, here’s the Monsanto official take on this

So along with the other GM corporations, Monsanto is off! And a hefty good riddance too! It’s difficult to believe, especially given the current government’s enthusiasm for GM crops and the clear influence the pro-GM lobby has – as shown by the lack of reporting of the March against Monsanto, not to mention the big push for the proposed EU seed law.

Monsanto out of Europe because they’re not wanted

Mitchener said Monsanto have given up in the EU and will not sell GM crops here because they are not wanted, so we get Monsanto out. Pity they don’t listen to general opinion in their country of origin. A recent ABC news poll showed that 93% wanted labelling but Monsanto and others managed to get the proposition 37 voted out despite this general opinion.

From the RT site

A spokesperson for the German Ministry of Economy and Technologies described the move as an“entrepreneurial decision” which needed no further comment. The ministry added, however, it has long made its opposition to gene modification technologies known.

“The promises of the GM industry have not come true for European agriculture, nor have they for the agriculture in developing and emerging economies,” the ministry said in a statement.

Germany banned GM crops in 2009. A government that listened to public opinion and environmental concerns! Amazing, our lot have so much to learn from the Europeans.

with monsanto out of Europe, it’s going to be interesting to see what the pillocks in our government will say now. Further, the GM threat is not over, there are GM substances in the food chain. Recently, supermarkets in the UK have begun selling meat which was fed on GM feed. This doesn’t affect me or other vegans and veggies but if you eat poor quality meat products you will be consuming this food. And given the lack of clarity concerning ingredients in processed foods, it’s probably best to avoid these as much as possible.

Also, a huge amount of the world’s soy is GM from the states, organic is the way forward if you want to limit your GM exposure. However, it seems that Monsanto are out of Europe, which is a fantastic step in the right direction. This is also a great example of the EU getting things right!

Monsanto out… but

It has been pointed out that while Mosanto are off – except in Portugal, Spain and Czech – there is plenty of GM crops approved in Europe. If you go to the EU register of approved GMOs you can see how many. You don’t need to put anything in the keywords box just click the search button and then scroll through the massive list. there’s plenty to avoid out there!

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  1. This is great news ! Thanks for posting this Jon, feel free to post it on my FB page. Just a word of caution, watch out for Bayer, they also have approvals in Europe & have recently drawn up a non aggression agreement with …. yes you guessed it folks, Monsanto . They are sharing research & have quit bickering over legal stuff.

  2. I think there are plenty words of caution Tom, but good news nevertheless.
    Difficult to believe this is the end of the Monsanto GMO road. We’ll see…

  3. Hi, just to say thanks for your comment on the chia article; I left a reply there for you. Happy running :)
    PS: Monsanto are still doing dastardly things in India- trying to control what the media says about them. Check out The Yogi Vegetarian fb page for a link to an article.

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