Monsanto documentary – Genetic Roulette

This Monsanto documentary from the Institute of Responsible Technology WILL make you sit up and take notice. There’s fact on ridiculous fact in here. Some will shock, well most actually. And the surprising thing is that there are so many qualified scientists that oppose GMOs.

Monsanto Documentary - Genetic Roulette

A genuine eye-opener and well, well worth spending one short hour watching. You will get angry at Monsanto though but that is a good thing! There’s a very short introduction from Jeffrey Smith, the leader of the Institute of Responsible Technology, which explains what they do. Then it’s right into the action. NB – the orignial video was removed and this one has no introduction just the film.

Monsanto documentary – Genetic Roulette

I’m not a fan of Monsanto, their bullying tactics are horrible. However, I do not completely reject the notion of GM as in the right hands the technology has potential to help, if proper, reliable testing is conducted. Sadly, efforts by Monsanto are anything but proper or reliable! New concerns keep appearing.

Given the recent Monsanto Protection Law in the US things have taken a turn for the worse. Monsanto cannot be prevented from planting their seeds even if there are health concerns about those seeds. Amazing, the lobbyists win! Grim.

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation
Brilliant book, well written and researched in depth!

Please note that the YouTube videos keep getting taken down. There were three originally and all of those have gone. I have so far managed to find replacements. If the video has been removed by the owner (the usual reason, apparently) or otherwise is broken please let me know in the comments and i’ll find a replacement video or link. Thanks :)

Support for the above Monsanto Documentary

I’ve recently come across this YouTube video of a Google Hang Out featuring regular Moms from America and GMO expert Howard Vlieger. This informal chat is packed, with information about farming, Round Up Ready corn, illness related to GM crops, Monsanto ethics and much much more.

It’s really interesting that this discussion highlights many of the point the Monsanto documentary includes. This is corroboration of the Genetic Roulette film, although not always strictly scientifically valid. With the veto Monsanto holds the necessary tests on GM crops is difficult to find. It’s good, watch it