Mean Green Juicer Machine for a Healthy Vegan Heath

I’ve recently got hold of a great masticating juicer machine and it’s been a blast using it. Juice drinking is healthy, there’s no question about that as long as it’s not out of a carton, which is not healthy. Pasteurised cartons of juice are little, if any, better than pop, soda or whatever you want to call it. Calories without benefits.

Fruit and vegetable juice, from a masticating juicer machine, on the other hand,  provides calories but the concentrated goodness is plentiful. All the antioxidants from veggies and fruits squeezed into a glass for easy consumption! Juicing and drinking juice provides the food of champions. Hell yeahs all round!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Juicing for health

In the film Fat, Sick and nearly dead the hero (Joe Cross) goes off to America and completes a sixty day juice fast to lose weight and to get off medication. It’s not giving too much away to say he succeeds and changes his life. But the extraordinary thing is that he meets an enormous bloke who suffers from the same skin condition and offers to help him go on a juice fast.

Later on the second bloke does so. Starting off at a huge 429lbs he starts off with the goal of completing a ten day juice fast but goes on from there. The change in this man is incredible and it’s not just physical. This film really is worth watching – click through to vimeo to watch it – it’s extremely inspiring. The official trailer is below

Seeing how the second bloke, Phil, changes is amazing. The energy he gets from basically cutting out the crap and living off just juice is extraordinary. Extraordinary because he comes alive! Of course, by definition a juice fast is vegan and incredibly healthy, literally rammed with micro-nutrients.

Masticating juicer machine

Masticating juicers are the best but not cheap. These juicer machines are capable of extracting juice from the toughest of vegetables such as kale, cabbage and celery and so extracting the antioxidants from them. You can juice what you want but it’s good to add a little apple to the most green of juices to take the edge off.

Yesterday my juice was from a mixture of kale, cauliflower leaves, red pepper, beetroot, broccoli and an apple. Very red in colour I like beetroot in my juice. I diluted it to make it easier to drink. This is a trick I picked up from a juicing book I’ve had for years and does help the palate adjust. Initially, I did find that I was getting an energy pick-me-up and a visit to the toilet pretty soon after the juice. That bit is less apparent now it’s part of the adjustment phase.

Juice fast

A juice fast can be as long as you want, it certainly needn’t be the sixty days that Joe did and should be conducted with the blessing of your doctor, as they suggest in the film. It could be a straight fast or even a part of an intermittent or alternate day fasting protocol, which is a way of fitting fasting into everyday life. I’ll be blogging about this subject a bit more , so look out.

When I get the chance I’ll try to find the best value masticating juicer machine I can and link to it here, so watch this space!