March Against Monsanto

March against Monsanto in Durban South AfricaToday is March against Monsanto day. The following video is why people are marching against Monsanto. In Europe, Monsanto are pushing through a Law that will prevent private people from using whatever seeds they want. They not only want to take away YOUR right to eat what you want but also to grow what you want. This is a disgusting blow to everyone’s human rights. Monsanto are filth!

This dictatorship must end! Here’s a gallery of images from the march against Monsanto from around the world – yeah!

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March against Monsanto? What is the GM food fuss all about?

There’s a fair bit to the argument but, put simply, there is insufficient evidence supporting the safety of GM food. Producers of GM crops are experimenting with the population without proper testing.

There’s a steady push towards greater use of GM foods in Europe, while the UK government is letting them in via the backdoor.

One major reasons for staying in Europe is that the EU countries favour choice. And that at the very least should remain, Monsanto do not want us to be able to have a choice. It is scandalous. There’s more but that is why there is a march against Monsanto in many countries across the world.

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation
Brilliant book, well written and researched in depth!

But GM food IS safe, isn’t it?

Well there is evidence against that assumption. Initially, doubt was cast on the safety of GM food via the findings of Dr Arpad Pusztai. These indicated that rats fed on GM potatoes developed compromised immune systems. That was important and caused a storm in Europe when the World in Action program reported these findings.

A French study from last summer was very damning. For the first time, evidence of the GM process itself being unhealthy was uncovered.  The following video from the scientists involved in the study report their findings and the reasons for the study in the following video. There is footage of the rats used in the study which is pretty grim.

A huge multi-national like Monsanto is not ethically driven, it is profit driven and so lobbies incessantly to get the laws passed that it wants passed. The Institute of Science in Society have issued the following

Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

The letter raised concerns and called for action as follows

  • GMOs are hazardous to food safety, human/animal well being and biodiversity.
  • Corporate monopoly will prevent equality and sustainable worldwide agriculture. Thereby preventing food security across the world.
  • A ban on patents of  ‘life-forms’ and ‘living processes’. These threaten food security and infringe human rights
  • Research into and development of sustainable agriculture across the world, outside of corporations so family farmers can benefit.

This has been signed by 800+ scientists from around the world. The dangers of GM crops are not some hippy conspiracy theory, they are very real! 

The March against Monsanto is a vital but small piece of resistance against GM food. There will need to be more! For more info on the worldwide protest and march against Monsanto click


March against Monsanto ignored by mainstream media

Nothing on the BBC news or on Sky. No coverage at all in the papers except for the Guardian who once more uphold the integrity of the press on their own. Certainly in this instance.

The Guardian article on the Monsanto March reported that millions marched to highlight “the dangers posed by genetically modified food and the food giants that produce it.” See above!

Apparently, two million protested in hundreds of rallies in the US and in over 50 other countries across the world. In total 436 cities in 52 countries took part! That is a success in anybodies book. This success is quite remarkable given the idea was conceived on Facebook at the end of Feb.

The March against Monsanto organisation was started by Tami Canal when she created her page on February 28th. This is a great example of how the power of social media can aid protest groups.

However, on the flip side, there is an indication that Facebook may not be impartial when it comes to such protests. The Natural News site reports that several Facebook accounts were temporarily suspended for the dark practice of posting photos of kids on the March against Monsanto. I kid you not!