Lean Mean Grilling Machine for Vegans

George Foreman was renowned for his big BIG punching power, but in recent times more so for his preaching and lean mean grilling machine. I first heard of the Foreman grill years ago, and thought it seemed like a great idea for those sufficiently health conscious enough to reduce their saturated fat intake, not quite as health conscious as they could be, but thats another story.

I bought one form Argos, on a friends recommendation, and have just started to use it. My friend said she was amazed at how much she uses it because she is veggie, but I am yet to get into the swing of it. The first day I got it I decided to buy some vegan soya products and get to some lean mean grilling machine vegan action!

Lean mean grilling machine – Round 1

I grilled a couple of types of sausage with some tempeh, a mushroom and a tomato. This worked well and was pretty enjoyable. Not earth-shattering as such but decent enough, the tempeh is better fried I think, but the rest were good enough.

Lean mean grilling machine – Round 2

A few days later I had some more sausages with veg and homemade gravy, which was very nice. I think I prefer manufactured soya products in ‘sunday dinner’ style better than a straight lean mean grilling machine stylee. I do like gravy, especially onion gravy. This one was made with Bouillon and lots of onion was definitely a winner. Note how the lean mean grilling machine ‘squared’ up the sausages, these soft ones were very nice cooked this way, and there was even some oil in the drip tray!

Lean mean grilling machine grilled sausage and veg
Lean mean grilling machine grilled sausage and veg for a George Foreman vegan stylee dinner

So, so far so good. I am dieing to get some mind blowing ideas for the grill, I noticed on Georges site there are one or two fruit recipes, the banana one looks good. So maybe there is some scope to spice up fruit a little with some vegan lean mean grilling. Definitely worth a try, watch this space.

I guess some lean mean grilling could be used as part of a weight loss program and so long as I’m sticking to plenty of veggies with my lean mean grilled soya products we may be onto something!

Lean Mean Grilling of fruit rocks

A bloke in the supermarket suggested I grill my pineapple. Just one of those chance comments as I let him in front of me in the queue. I tried it, sliced, of course. A sprinkle of cinnamon and let it grill away. Boo-yaa! This is great. Simple but lush. Sweet delicious pineapple in a peculiar but delicious form. Try it!

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