KTC coconut oil review – from bottle to pan

This post is the cooking with KTC coconut oil review! This comes off the back of the recent investigation into KTC coconut oil, to see whether it was hydrogenated or not. I’m NOT going to use hydrogenated oil or fat, it’s a long way from good. This investigation indicated that generally KTC coconut oil is fine to use. Not as fine as raw, organic, virgin coconut oil but usable and so so much more affordable. If you want to have a deeper look at the refining process, read the post on refined coconut oil, which explains a lot of what goes into the KTC refining process.

Reviewing KTC coconut oil

So, this means I will now be reviewing using KTC coconut oil for cooking and any other purposes. Before any reviewing can take place, the stuff needs to be removed from the bottle. Bizarrely, KTC bottle their coconut oil, which is probably fine in India but the temperature in the UK is usually insufficient to loosen the oil enough to use it. We need to decant.

Decanting KTC coconut oil – from bottle to jar

Easy, peasy! Put the bottles in a pan of boiling water. As the oil melts tip the liquid into a large jar. I used an empty Essential virgin coconut oil jar, which was just too small to hold three bottles worth.

KTC coconut oil review point #1 – cooking

Obviously, this section of the KTC coconut review covers using the brand for cooking. I had intended to only use it for frying veggie burgers and stuff like that but through necessity have branched out.

Veggie Burgers

KTC coconut oil is great for frying your veggie burgers. You do have to watch out for the fairly low smoking point coconut oil has, nothing worse than burning your oil. Refined coconut oil has a higher smoking point than virgin coconut oil, apparently. I hadn’t noticed. So it’s best to gently fry your burgers, my favourite are the Biona energy burgers, which are so gorgeous. They work well with salad or gravy, a bit of an all rounder. They don’t sell them everywhere and even Amazon is lacking in this instance. You can get them from Goodness Direct.

Stir fry

I’ve started using this refined coconut oil in stir fries. I’d not intended to use it this way but needs must. I’ve run out of the really good stuff so have moved onto the pretty good stuff.

This works just as well, although the coconut flavour is missing. I do like the subtle coconut flavour of virgin coconut oil and prefer to use it in a stir fry. However, this cheaper model works just fine. I’ve used it for vegetable only and tempeh/tofu stir fry with success. So thumbs up for frying, and a slight thumbs down for the missing flavour.

KTC coconut oil is a much cheaper alternative to the Essential product. Although refined it retains the health properties from the medium-chain fatty acids. Woohoo!
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Essential organic raw virgin coconut oil from amazon, lush. Essential are a workers co-operative with an ethical outlook. A great place to buy from!
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I do love coconut oil in my porridge. It adds a lovely, wholesome filling feel. It makes your porridge creamy and more like the ready brek advert with the glow! Also, the understated coconut flavour of Essential raw organic, non-refined coconut oil is great in your porridge. So I’m afraid for porridge KTC does not do as well as the luscious Essential brand. So I’ll be using this posh stuff in my porridge. So a fail for the KTC breand in this part of the review, I’m afraid.

KTC coconut oil review point #2 – beard and face moisturiser

I’ve been using this to rub into dry skin on my face and it seems to work fine. I can only say that  maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t rub in as well as the Essential stuff. I will have to do an A-B test to be sure. Watch out for updates!

Occasionally, something I eat gives me an allergic beard reaction. It’s very odd and may be related to certain wheat products, I can’t quite pinpoint the issue. It doesn’t happen often but my skin goes red and is very sore for a couple of days. I get the urge to put water on it all the time to soothe the burn. I’ve used Essential coconut oil to soothe my skin previously but this time used KTC. It seemed to help, in fact, I can’t remember any difference in effectiveness, to be honest.

After, plenty of applications the skin of the effected area peels off. Because of the beard I have to comb it and remove the flakes of skin! Not hugely pleaseant but coconut oil helps. A big tick in favour of KTC and a big thumbs up in this KTC coconut oil review!

Continuing the KTC coconut oil review

This review post will be a work in progress as I use it more often, so check back for updates!

8 thoughts on “KTC coconut oil review – from bottle to pan”

  1. Hate to say this but you can buy ktc coconut oil in a jar. I used to buy the ktc stuff and there’s nothing wrong with it from a health perspective however what I found was because it is refined much of the natural antimicrobial quality was gone and this caused the oil to go rancid or even in one case, go mouldy within about a month of opening. So despite being much cheaper it was a false economy as I rarely use oil and when I do I don’t use much at all. I now buy biona cuisine which is more than ktc but cheaper than raw Virgin coconut oil lasts a few months and doesn’t go off.

  2. Hi Soph
    thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes you can get KTC in a tub.

    Interesting point about the anti-microbial properties, I didn’t realise that. I wonder what else the refining does?

    I personally use Coconoil these days as it’s the cheapest bulk buy I’ve discovered.

  3. What are the differences between the the brown label and the blue label KTC products?

    Pros / cons

    Its just that I want to use healthy products, and if there is anything in the blue label, or involved in the processing of it that makes it less good for you, I would love to know. This is what is stopping me from buying it.

    Thank you in advance x J

  4. I used KTC last night as a moisturiser for the first time. My skin lapped it up and it soaked right inn. This afternoon when I used it again it didn’t soak in for a good half an hour. I was a bit disappointed with this until I realised that it didn’t soak in because last nights application was probably still doing its work. In future I will use it at night only. I also put a teaspoon full in my decaf coffee and it tasted wonderfully creamy. After the coffee was finished, I discovered it leaves a great lip balm 8-) Last of all, the most important part. I bought this product because my hubby had a stroke 4 years ago which totally zapped his short term memory. I read on the Internet that it works on the brain via the liver and is the only fat that actually helps the brain. I added some to his cereals yesterday and today and also to his decaf coffee. I can already see a difference in his mood and a slight improvement in his memory. I will keep on using it religiously. Maybe one day my hubby will be able to drive again. We shall see 8-)

  5. I use the KTC for seasoning my meat and to condition my hair, I buy it in the tub, which lasts me about 3 months at a time, I have to say it’s never gone mouldy or gone off, great stuff

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