International Raw Food Day 2013

It was International Raw Food Day 2013 last Thursday! Did anyone notice? Well I only heard about on the Tuesday, but thought I’d give it a go. I managed easy enough, although  a bit more preparation would have been handy. It was always going to be very straightforward for me seeing that I do like my green juicing.

International Raw Food Day 2013 started much like any other just with out porridge. I kept to the free download guide as much as I could. If I’d had time to get all the ingredients I needed it would have been a doddle, however, I adapted! I’m used to changing recipes to fit what I have in the cupboards, so this was no different. So my first International Raw Food Day began with a smoothie.

The guide suggested Mango and Spinach but I could only muster Pineapple and Lettuce. That’s not too bad at all considering, I was pretty pleased with myself and I have to say it’s a decent combination. A more off piste deviation occurred at dinner time though. I simply didn’t have what was required so some improv was needed.

Thankfully I always have nuts in so decided to make some burgers to go with a big salad. These Raw Mixed Nut Burgers were as follows

  • little onion
  • one large grated carrot
  • walnuts
  • cashew nuts
  • pumpkin seeds
  • a little coconut oil
  • chia seeds
  • a little water
  • salt and pepper

I’m never too strict on exact measurements. It really was just a little onion and about a handful each of nuts and pumpkin seeds. I blended the lot up and shaped them on the plate. I’m not really a gourmet raw chef BUT these were delicious, they just looked like a splurge gun shot from Bugsy Malone! Very tasty though. I will do these again but will need to work on appearance.

International Raw Food Day 2013
Home made burgers and salad for International Raw Food Day 2013

For my evening meal I simply had three glasses of green juice. Carrot and cucumber base with apple and other bits and pieces, lush. To ensure these juices are palatable I always try to mix up a little fruit with the veg. This is a big help. However, no matter what I like to have a lemon, an entire lemon at that, in the recipe. And if possible a good sized chunk of ginger. Including lemon and ginger ALWAYS makes it lovely.

International Raw Food Day 2013 comes and goes – observations

This really was a doddle BUT I do need a good quality blender. Oh and better preparation. I was really full after the burgers and the juice on the evening was sufficient. And, in the morning I felt nice and light of stomach. It’s the same after a juicing day too.

Easy peasy! The burgers really were very tasty. I’m already looking forward to next years International Raw Food Day!

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