Indigo Wholefoods best healthfood shop in Moseley

Indigo wholefoods

Indigo Wholefoods took over where the previous healthfood shop, Sage, left off and is the best health food shop in Moseley. Everyone should know this place, it’s easy to find on St. Mary’s Row right in central Moseley.

Indigo Wholefoods is a small independent shop run by George Howell, who according to the website has

worked with organic and natural products since 1995. At Indigo I offer the very best of those products, at an affordable price, and in a pleasant and friendly shopping environment, so that you can share the love I have for these special products

It is definitely a pleasant and friendly shopping environment and the prices are competitive. Indigo is where I go for all the staples, well my wholefood staples anyway. They have loads of organic and fare trade food and treats. They even sell wine and do organic veg boxes.

Indigo Wholefoods top three staples

These are the staples that I get from Indigo, in no particular order

1. Pure Coconut oil

Essential Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

I’m a fan of virgin coconut oil because it is so healthy. I favour it to be raw, organic and with a bit of luck fare trade. George stocks the Essential brand which fits the bill nicely. I use this stuff in my porridge – omit the water and add in a big dollop for a creamy, warming and filling breakfast – for stir frying veggies and tofu.

You can buy in bulk from Amazon if you want but I don’t think you’re saving anything much compared to the Indigo Wholefoods price, to be honest. I suggest you pop in buy it as you go from George.

An alternative bulk buy is Convive Virgin Coconut Food Oil, which is £15.99 a kilo. This is not bad in the greater scheme of things… honest.

2. Organic Tofu

Clear Spot  Organic TofuSoy gets a bad rap in the press which has annoyed me for years as there are conflicting views. For me, the way forward is to eat it the way Asians have been eating it for centuries, milk, tofu and tempeh. My friend makes tempeh, so that’s where mine is coming from and I don’t bother with soya milk very much these days. However, I do love tofu and tend to get mine from Indigo Wholefoods when I pass by.

George stocks Clear Spot organic tofu and so that is my main source of tofu. It’s nice and firm and cooks well in a stir fry – using coconut oil, of course – with whatever you want. I like lots of garlic in my food and whatever veggies I have available. Organic vegetables if possible is my choice. Tom does some great organic local vegetables which I juice but can be used for cooking, obviously.

I do buy the Tofu Weiners they have in the fridge from time to time too because they are lush!

3. Himalayan Salt

I kept away from salt for years due to the bad press it got. Although there was a brief flirt with seas salt and lo salt which drifted into complete abstinence. Recently though I have had a rethink. I say something on YouTube about Celtic salt after a friend suggested I look and tried to get that from Indigo but they didn’t have it, so I settled on Himalayan Salt instead.

This is a great option and I have become used to the flavour of salt in my food again. As the TV chefs will tell you it does lift the flavour of certain foods. Besides that aspect, Himalayan salt is incredibly healthy. Refined table salt and sea salt, for that matter, have been over processed so that only the sodium remains. Himalayan salt on the other hand is virtually unrefined and retains all the good guys! Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements in ionic state according to Dr Sircus in the link above!

So there’s my top three staples I get from Indigo Wholefoods. If you’ve been wondering around in a daze and have missed Indgo pop in and support your local, independent health food shop!

2 thoughts on “Indigo Wholefoods best healthfood shop in Moseley”

  1. Great post- I was really impressed with this shop when I went there. Better than Sage was, imho. Just wish I lived closer! To be honest, we have started getting bulk orders from Suma but you can’t beat your local shop for convenience.

  2. No you can’t. Ordering online is usually cheaper but you can’t beat a bit of interaction with knowledgeable staff and, as you, say the convenience. I’m a big fan of George and the crew.

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