ImmiFlex immunity booster is suitable for vegans…

The other day it was suggested I try ImmiFlex tablets to boost immunity. I’ve been ill for over a week with a nasty cold, lots of coughing, snot and feeling unwell. It’s never fun, always inconvenient and should be avoidable. So perhaps ImmiFlex could avoid any further episodes this winter?

Of course the first question is, as always, is it vegan?  Time to work my way down the Google search results to find out, then. So off to the ImmiFlex website. And it’s not easy to find out. Did a website internal search and there’s no confirmation.  I do, now, know it comes from Norway.

Next stop, Amazon. There’s always reviews
so it’s worth seeing what people say. No mention of vegan at all but the reviews are very positive. So that’s something at least.

The next entry is the Facebook page. Lot’s of activity so I can ask on here. So I left a message asking if the ImmiFlex products are vegan friendly. Just have to wait for them to respond…

suitable for vegans

Meanwhile, I take a look on the About page. BINGO. The magic words – suitable for vegans! Woohoo. SO back to Amazon and order some.

You just gotta love the internet. Except…

When suitable for vegans isn’t!

The admin of the Facebook page was observant enough to get back to me in four hours. That’s pretty good. I’ve enquired of companies before with mixed results. Some, like Swedish Glace ignore you completely.

But then, disaster. The admin has bad news for me. The ImmiFlex has vitamin D3 as part of the formula. This is acquired from wool and so NOT vegan. Now that’s a bummer as I have already ordered the stuff. The order has been despatched so I’m stuffed. Now that ‘s irritating.

THe Immiflex response

The bloke has been very helpful and even later on suggests I phone Norway and see if they can make an exception and send me the ‘greens’ formula which has all the good guys without the vitamin D3. It’s in a supergreens powder.

Are any ImmiFlex products vegan

Good of him to suggest this and provide the number BUT I’m way to stingy to make an international call. Particularly when I’d have to beg for a favour. So I decide against this course of action.

Instead I message him privately to inform him of the imminent blog post and of the incorrect suitable for vegans on the about page. Once again the response was brilliant.

I was not aware of this and I do apologize, suitable for vegans will disappear today and I will also look over for any such reference, if found it will be removed by tomorrow.

Thank you very much for the heads up and I think that within 2 – 3 months the whole line of ImmiFlex and Immi- immune supplements will be available for shipping worldwide, whereof ImmiGreen will as mentioned be the only one that is vegan.

Look forward to reading your post and I am sorry about posting information that has been inaccurate and any inconvenience this may have caused.
Best regards,

So ImmiFlex is suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans. Sadly.

I will indeed try to lookout for the international launch of supergreens powder as I like the cut of ImmiFlex’s jib. They care about their (potential) customers.

The personal touch makes a big difference. It’s in stark contrast to the Swedish Glace approach. So ImmiFlex you have a fan, who will be a customer, in the end! It’s funny because normally I’d be really grumbling about the mistake they made. Instead I’ve liked the ImmiFlex facebook page and I’m a fan!

ImmiFlex immunity booster
Is ImmiFlex suitable for vegans? Here's a post on how I found out through the power of Google and Facebook. AND some great customer service!

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