How to make Tofu from scratch!

I’d always wondered how to make tofu from scratch and have had a soya milk maker for yonks with the idea to use it to provide the milk for homemade tofu. When I bought the machine the supplier didn’t have a tofu press in stock. I eventually ordered one from a different site last week after a discussion on the Moseley Vegans Facebook page brought it back to mind. It arrived this morning along with lots of coagulant.

How to make Tofu with home made soya milk!

The idea is to take fresh soya milk, add the coagulant so it turns into curds and whey. Then simply press this to remove liquid and to be left with a lump of tofu. Easy peasy! I don’t really use soya milk these days, I just stopped using it. So I had to dig out the soya milk maker and of course the instructions were missing. Luckily the original post had a link to a review with instructions and so I was able to operate the machine.

That may sound a bit daft but the operation of the soya milk maker is not very intuitive as it’s made in China and there’s some quaint cultural oddness about it! But once you know, or are reminded, it’s pretty straightforward to use. So you stick some soya beans in, organic are best,  add water and set it off. Done in twenty minutes or something.

No soya milk maker? Just take the soya beans and blend them in water, then cook the milk for a while. Watch the video below for more detailed instructions, however, it’s not really much more to it than that.

Using the Tofu Press

Tofu Press
So Easy Tofu Press

The soya milk is turned into curds and whey  with the coagulant poured into the tofu press, which has cheesecloth pushed into it. The spare cheesecloth is folded over and the press part applied. I used a bottle of water to add weight to the press and left it for a good while. I couldn’t resist the odd push to press out a bit more water. I left it for 30 minutes or something and I do think it could’ve done with a bit longer. The instructions say one hour, which is what I’ll go for next time, I think.

I cooked the stuff up and it was a nice meal, but far too crumbly. Better luck next time….

Making Tofu step-by-step

  1. Make one new batch of soya milk in the machine or make it as per the video below. You need about 1.5 litres
  2. Stir in one packet of coagulant, or use 2 teaspoons of Nigari or Gypsum
  3. Cover and leave standing for 20 minutes while the curds and whey form
  4. Centre the cheesecloth over the tofu press and push it in and place in the sink
  5. Pour in the curds and whey and fold the sides of the cheesecloth on top and use the top of the press to press out some water.
  6. Put a weight on the press and leave for an hour
  7. Tada!

I’ll add pic of the next batch of tofu I make.

And here’s the video that shows how to make tofu without a soya milk maker. It uses a method a little bit different to that outlined above but using the press will make you a firmer tofu.

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