Hemp milk is too delicious to be just Good

Great Hemp Milk!I first tried hemp milk when a friend posted on Facebook saying she had some to give away because she didn’t like it. She’d bought it from Indigo but hadn’t realised it was flavoured with vanilla.

I love vanilla. I met up with her and took the lovely hemp milk away with me. It is truly gorgeous.

I was very keen because I’d seen it in Indigo and desired it. But it’s not cheap, compared to soya milk. It’s usually about £2 a litre. In the grand scheme of things that’s not excessively expensive but, well, it’s not cheap.

Good Hemp milk

The only hemp milk I’ve used is from the Good Hemp company who produce lots of hemp products including lots of different protein powders. The hemp plant is ideal for this sort of thing because it is a complete protein – it contains all ten nine essential amino acids, I’m sure there used to be ten when I first learned this stuff!

Hemp Milk

However, the Good hemp milk product doesn’t contain any protein. That’s a shame but the good news is, in addition to essential amino acids, hemp seeds contain essential fatty acids (efas). That’s omega 3 and 6, in case you’re wondering.

Humans need both of these types of efas and Good hemp milk has them both. NOt only that but they are present in a favourable ratio. If that sounds confusing, it might get worse…

When it comes to good nutrition it never seems to be straightforward. Humans need to have more omega 6 than omega 3 but not too much more. The ideal ratio is reported differently, depending on what you read but in hemp it is close to ideal at 3:1. This is important because in the Western diet there’s a tendency to have too much omega 6 due to over consumption of omega 6 fats. This occurs because omega 6 fats are high and omega 3 fats are very low in many processed foods.

Therefore, hemp in general and hemp milk in particular, are both very good sources of essential fatty acids. As a vegan, fish oil does not come into the mix but for non-vegans it is an option. However, there is a good chance that the fish you eat are contaminated with mercury. Whatever way you look at it, that’s not good.

How good does the hemp milk taste? Gorgeous good?

Yes. In fact, way better than good. It’s truly lush. I’m a fan. At last year’s Wolvo Vegan Fair, there was hemp milk for a pound. That’s half price, so I bought a few litres of the stuff. I savoured it and made it last. It’s all a bit sad, I know, but this stuff is great.

I’ve used it cold on meusli and it’s just far too good. I do like to just drink the stuff or blend it in smoothies with fruit.

I’ve not tried it in cooking as I’m not sure about the essential fatty acids surviving heat very well. You certainly, shouldn’t cook with hemp oil, or any cold pressed oil for that matter. Coconut oil is great for cooking and I’m a bit of a fan…

So if you want a change from soya or rice milk give hemp milk a go. If you’re in Moseley you can get it from Indigo, if not you can buy it online at the Good hemp milk page but they want you to buy four of them in one go! Or you could try Amazon.


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