Healthy snack ideas – nakd & fruitus

When I was a kid Milky Way was the sweet you could eat between meals without ruining your appetite. Not an option now but what exactly can you eat to keep you going when you’re out and about? Well here’s a couple of healthy snack ideas you could try.

There’s two new, well at least new to me, fruity health bars that are really very good. Both are luxurious flavour sensations available in several styles.

The first of these is the ‘nakd’ range, which has three flavours – Berry Cheeky, Apple Pie and Cocao Loco. Made from fruit, oats and nuts these bars are stunning. The berry and apple flavours are fantastic, but the choccy one is amazing, it’s like eating a chocolate pudding from school, or something. The beauty is they are 100% raw, ‘smooshed’ not baked, wheat, dairy and GM free! You gotta love the ingredients of the Berry Cheeky bar

  • Raw dates
  • oats
  • raw raisins
  • raw peanuts
  • apple juice
  • raw raspberries
  • raw almonds
  • raw walnuts
  • raw strawberries
  • hint of natural flavour

great stuff. And apparently the obligatory best before is before your friends nick ‘em, which you had better look out for.

They even have an ad for Animal Aid on the multi-pack box and on each bar wrapper, which shows their ethical side. I really like these, they really are a bit cakey, muffin-ish or a bit like flapjack.

Made by Natural Balance Foods, there are a number of other healthy snacks available, I’ll be trying more of these when I get the chance. They are not cheap in the Health Food shop, but you can order from there site at a significant reduction. Definitely recommended.

Fruitus bars, a healthy snack idea!

The second bar range is ‘fruitus’, from Lyme Regis Foods. As the name suggests these these are fruity, but also nice and chewy. The Summer Fruits one has a good old tang and really gets your mouth going. Lush. They also do Pomegranate, Blueberry and Oat bar, which is another tang-ilicious sensation but a little more cakey and delicious. A ‘vegan’ label would be useful but I’m probably being a bit fussy. Again, highly recommended.

Lyme Regis Foods are clearly a bigger operation than Natural Balance Foods and as such the website is not quite so jolly. If that kind of thing bothers you just go nakd.

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