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Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow with Nothing But Water

Came across this article and if it works, it’s great!

Since they’re cheap and come in bulk, we tend to waste a lot of vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. If you’d prefer to cut down on that a bit, a few kitchen staples are dead simple to regrow and don’t need a full blown garden. In fact, these ones don’t even require dirt. Continue reading

How to store your fruit and veg!

Over on Live Love Fruit blog there’s a great post on how to keep your fruit and veg to avoid waste. Obviously that’s what we’re all after


Lengthen shelf life

Putting fruit and vegetables in cooler areas (like the fridge) slows down the respiration process and helps make (most) produce last longer. In warmer temperatures, produce respires at a much faster rate, making the ripening process much faster. Continue reading

Eat up your greens, kids

Look at all these brilliant green benefits!

I do love my greens and it looks like they love me right back!

January King cabbage with chick peas in spicy orange and lemon

This post marks the first of a regular series – vegetable of the week! And the inaugral vegetable is the……. January King Cabbage!

There seems to be a lot of cabbage about just now which is great for us cabbage lovers! I was always fairly ambivalent towards cabbage but I think was due to over boiled soggy stuff at school dinners. I’m a fan these days.

So much of fan that I voted cabbage in my top three greens on some Facebook page the other day. High praise indeed. However, you can get enough of the lovely green root vegetable if you’re not careful, there’s only so many gravy dinners you can eat…

January King Cabbage
January King Cabbage

With that in mind and with another cabbage arriving in the organic veg box from Abel & Cole, it’s time to get cabbage creative. That means there’s three of them in the fridge right now so cabbage creativity is desperately required. I’m in Essex so no Vegetropolis Tom. There’s a lovely looking January King cabbage, which is purple and very enticing. Continue reading