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Turnips, history and masterpiece recipe

I’ve generally considered turnips as okay. Nothing very special and certainly not a root vegetable that I’d pick over the staple potato. Today I had to use some up as they were the last of the organic veg left from last week and new was due! So turnips are the vegetable of the week. And after a little investigating I came up with a masterpiece recipe. Lush!

History of Turnips

The masterpiece will come later. So before that here’s some history of the humble turnip.

Graham Taylor turnip head

Graham Taylor turnip head

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Avocado on toast, it’s what the Queen eats…

Avocado on toast is soooo delicious! I’m certain it makes it to the Queen’s breakfast table..

I saw this great, informative tweet today, so I decided to make avocados vegetable of the week! I love Avocados, love ‘em. You can mash them or just slice them, either way delicious.

Avocado on toast not your face

One thing I have always loved about avocados is you can spread them straight from the fruit (not really a vegetable, I know, or is it?). That’s such a great feature. When they are ripe and ready you really can use them like margarine from a tub. Great and such a waste to put them on your face! Weird idea, but very good apparently

Avocado on toast
Avocado on toast – with mayo

I really love them, nice and simple on toast. In fact, there’s no much better than a good cup of tea and avocado on toast. Oh and with lemon and black pepper, you don’t need much else to really appreciate these little beauties. The difficult bit is in deciding whether you are going to mash the avocado, or simply slice it. It’s not much of an issue I know. Continue reading

January King cabbage with chick peas in spicy orange and lemon

This post marks the first of a regular series – vegetable of the week! And the inaugral vegetable is the……. January King Cabbage!

There seems to be a lot of cabbage about just now which is great for us cabbage lovers! I was always fairly ambivalent towards cabbage but I think was due to over boiled soggy stuff at school dinners. I’m a fan these days.

So much of fan that I voted cabbage in my top three greens on some Facebook page the other day. High praise indeed. However, you can get enough of the lovely green root vegetable if you’re not careful, there’s only so many gravy dinners you can eat…

January King Cabbage
January King Cabbage

With that in mind and with another cabbage arriving in the organic veg box from Abel & Cole, it’s time to get cabbage creative. That means there’s three of them in the fridge right now so cabbage creativity is desperately required. I’m in Essex so no Vegetropolis Tom. There’s a lovely looking January King cabbage, which is purple and very enticing. Continue reading