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Sneaking GM food into the UK’s food chain via the backdoor

Looks like there’s a serious attempt at sneaking GM food into Britain via the backdoor. And it has to be the backdoor, of course, because in the EU we still have GM labeling. There is still a large feeling against GM foods in the UK. This arose as a result of the findings of Dr Arpad Pusztai which indicated that rats fed on GM potatoes developed compromised immune systems. Hence the labelling laws. Incidentally, Dr Pusztai was removed from his position and his team disbanded, presumably because he got the wrong results!

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Monsanto documentary – Genetic Roulette

This Monsanto documentary from the Institute of Responsible Technology WILL make you sit up and take notice. There’s fact on ridiculous fact in here. Some will shock, well most actually. And the surprising thing is that there are so many qualified scientists that oppose GMOs.

Monsanto Documentary - Genetic Roulette

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