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Cacao Liquor shake

Cacao Liquor – shakes and puds

The wonderful Trishul Smith mentioned how great cacao liquor is sometime ago. I only recently got some from the equally wonderful Detox Your World. Now this is not only expensive, all lovely raw cacao is, it’s also very, very special. Even calling it a superfood is probably doing this stuff a disservice! Ha!

It arrives in a packet but looks like big brown chunks. Probably, because it is big brown chunks. But these cacao liquor chunks are chunks of lushness and, in terms of raw chocolate as instant as you’ll get. Of course, you won’t get instant chocolate as you do have to melt this gear in a bowl immersed in boiling water. However, cacao liquor melts much easier than cacao butter and has the advantage of containing a certain amount of cacao powder. It’s a bit like a combination of the two. Continue reading

Raw Energy Chia Chocs inspired by Thrive

I’m a fan of Brendan Brazier and his Thrive sports recipes. Well, I do, at least like the idea. I made his sports drink for last year’s Birmingham Half Marathon, which was great. I also tried his sports gel, which is packed with raw energy for en route use. I have no idea how you’re supposed to consume the stuff once you’ve made it, unless you somehow force it into an old toothpaste tube. I made it but didn’t bring it to the event. I think it even got discarded completely.

So, for the recent Sutton Fun Run I decided to adapt the gel into something I could bring along. SO the following raw energy chia chocolate version was created. Sadly, I left them in the fridge. So they didn’t actually get an outing on the day. Practically, these are a bit soft to take with you in the summer. It might be different in the winter, however.

Raw energy chia chocs
Raw energy chia chocolate – Thrive inspired by Brendan Brazier
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Hemp milk is too delicious to be just Good

Great Hemp Milk!I first tried hemp milk when a friend posted on Facebook saying she had some to give away because she didn’t like it. She’d bought it from Indigo but hadn’t realised it was flavoured with vanilla.

I love vanilla. I met up with her and took the lovely hemp milk away with me. It is truly gorgeous.

I was very keen because I’d seen it in Indigo and desired it. But it’s not cheap, compared to soya milk. It’s usually about £2 a litre. In the grand scheme of things that’s not excessively expensive but, well, it’s not cheap. Continue reading

Raw Coconut oil – from tree to jar without heating!

Raw coconut oil is, of course, processed without heating. Refined coconut oil, on the other hand, involves a severe heating process during the refining process. Raw coconut oil is also known as virgin coconut oil as it is pressed from coconut meat in a similar manner to that of olive oil from olives. Well kinda. While there is also extra virgin coconut oil available, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy, according to Bruce Fife, who certainly knows his coconuts!

Raw coconut oil

Raw coconut oil is solid and looks like the picture after processing. It will  melt in your fingers and is very stable to cook with. It is NOT cheap to buy, however, BUT once you understand the laborious process involved you will realise why. Continue reading

Melon lemonade recipe – healthy and new-fangled!

MelonUsually a traditional lemonade recipe has a lot of sugar in it, which is not the healthiest ingredient in the world and is pretty fattening. This traditional lemonade recipe from the Guardian journo Nigel Slater is a case in point. I do like that he includes the entire lemon with the caveat of using only quality organic lemons if possible – to avoid the wax and nasty pesticides retained in the peel. Well I’ve managed to create a lemonade recipe that has no added sugar and is definitely healthy!

As I used non-organic lemons the peel was removed but I too use filtered water but far less than in Slater’s recipe because my secret ingredient means you only need a very small amount of water. And that secret ingredient in my healthy lemonade recipe is….. melon. So I have come up with melon lemonade! In fact, it’s no more than melon and lemon juice BUT it is as good, or better, than any traditional lemonade I’ve ever tasted. Continue reading