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Enpee Masticating Juicer

I’m a juicing fan. The only drawback is the cost of juicers, this Enpee Masticating Juicer might be the answer… Sure you can get a cheap centrifugal juicer but I’d always recommend going the extra mile and investing in a slow juicer. I personally, have a vertical juicer. But you can read about the vertical vs horizontal debate in this post.

Lauren's Enpee Masticating Juicer
Lauren’s Enpee Masticating Juicer

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Juicing machines make great healthy juices

Juicing machines = healthy; packet juice = unhealthy

Juicing machines allow you to make fantastic healthy juices rammed with good guys. That interests me. That makes me happy. Sometimes you see something on Facebook that really captures this sentiment. Buying and using your own juicing machine is an investment you’ll never regret.

I often read stuff from experts of one sort or another suggesting that juicing fruit has little more benefit than drinking coke or pepsi. They suggest that the fructose from fruits like oranges and apples tips the balance towards the juice being unhealthy as the fibre is removed during juicing. No fibre = greater concentration of fructose = unhealthy. But does this logic apply to juice from juicing machines? Continue reading

Rich Roll and Joe Cross share a juice…

Vegan mega triathlete, Rich Roll has a regular podcast. This week he’s talking with Joe Cross of Fat, sick and nearly dead fame. This is a great film, which is soooo inspiring and will get you juicing if nothing else does. In the podcast they go over Joe’s story, which is incredible… Continue reading

Melon lemonade recipe – healthy and new-fangled!

MelonUsually a traditional lemonade recipe has a lot of sugar in it, which is not the healthiest ingredient in the world and is pretty fattening. This traditional lemonade recipe from the Guardian journo Nigel Slater is a case in point. I do like that he includes the entire lemon with the caveat of using only quality organic lemons if possible – to avoid the wax and nasty pesticides retained in the peel. Well I’ve managed to create a lemonade recipe that has no added sugar and is definitely healthy!

As I used non-organic lemons the peel was removed but I too use filtered water but far less than in Slater’s recipe because my secret ingredient means you only need a very small amount of water. And that secret ingredient in my healthy lemonade recipe is….. melon. So I have come up with melon lemonade! In fact, it’s no more than melon and lemon juice BUT it is as good, or better, than any traditional lemonade I’ve ever tasted. Continue reading

Easing Your Way into Green Juicing with Vegetropolis

I’ve recently purchased my own mean green juicer machine and have been green juicing away merrily. Recently, I have been diluting the juice so it’s a little easier on the stomach. I haven’t paid much attention to breaking myself in gently, it’s been more of a bull in a green juicing shop approach. Lots of kale, broccoli and cabbage, well if you want green juice you gotta juice green vegetables!

And if you want the best results from your juice you really ought to go for organic vegetables. Following the infographic – keep scrolling it’s a long way down –  there’s an example recipe using Vegetropolis organic veg. Great! Continue reading