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Healthy refined coconut oil? Investigating the refining process

The earlier post on KTC coconut oil explains my investigation into whether this refined coconut oil is hydrogenated. We can conclusively say that it is not, which is good news. A commenter on that post contacted KTC and managed to get a detailed response from them concerning the refining process. Further they confirm that their coconut oil is NOT hydrogenated. So we can be doubly sure this is not an issue, hurray!

Copra - dried and ready for the RBD
Copra drying source:

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KTC coconut oil review – from bottle to pan

This post is the cooking with KTC coconut oil review! This comes off the back of the recent investigation into KTC coconut oil, to see whether it was hydrogenated or not. I’m NOT going to use hydrogenated oil or fat, it’s a long way from good. This investigation indicated that generally KTC coconut oil is fine to use. Not as fine as raw, organic, virgin coconut oil but usable and so so much more affordable. If you want to have a deeper look at the refining process, read the post on refined coconut oil, which explains a lot of what goes into the KTC refining process.

Reviewing KTC coconut oil

So, this means I will now be reviewing using KTC coconut oil for cooking and any other purposes. Before any reviewing can take place, the stuff needs to be removed from the bottle. Bizarrely, KTC bottle their coconut oil, which is probably fine in India but the temperature in the UK is usually insufficient to loosen the oil enough to use it. We need to decant. Continue reading

I’ve got a lovely bunch of green coconuts

I’ve wanted to visit the Express Food Market on Showell Green Lane for some time. A few weeks ago my dream came true when Alex Beet took me. They sell green coconuts, which are healthful, beautiful things that should be on everyone’s shopping list. The lovely Trishul Smith got me a whole box of these once which was great but a box of lovely green coconuts is not easy to manage on your bike…

This time I ended up with two but there is so much more than simply green coconuts on offer at the Express Food Market. They have a huge variety of produce that you won’t find in Tescos. Curry leaves, bitter gourds, and lots of weird and wonderful stuff to try. What pleased me most was the fresh root turmeric. Two superfoods in one visit, you’re spoiling me! Continue reading

Raw Coconut oil – from tree to jar without heating!

Raw coconut oil is, of course, processed without heating. Refined coconut oil, on the other hand, involves a severe heating process during the refining process. Raw coconut oil is also known as virgin coconut oil as it is pressed from coconut meat in a similar manner to that of olive oil from olives. Well kinda. While there is also extra virgin coconut oil available, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy, according to Bruce Fife, who certainly knows his coconuts!

Raw coconut oil

Raw coconut oil is solid and looks like the picture after processing. It will  melt in your fingers and is very stable to cook with. It is NOT cheap to buy, however, BUT once you understand the laborious process involved you will realise why. Continue reading

KTC coconut oil – hydrogenated or healthy? Vegan Heath investigates

KTC coconut oil
Source: Spices of India

KTC coconut oil is very cheap, especially when compared to Biona or Essential virgin coconut oil. In Balsall Heath it’s widely available in Asian convenience stores and would be a great affordable alternative.

There is the hydrogenated issue though. If KTC coconut oil is hydrogenated I ain’t touching the stuff. In a comment on a previous coconut oil post Sarojinididi of the Yogi Vegetarian blog wanted to know how you can tell. It’s not straightforward as coconut oil is solid most of the time in this country regardless of whether it’s Biona or KTC coconut oil.
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