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The vegan diet can cure cancer

Vegans live longer and have a lower environmental impact! Furthermore, the vegan diet is protective against cancer, implicated in the cure of cancer and is used in many alternative cures. There is a huge body of research concerning the anti-cancer and the general health-giving properties of phytochemicals (active stuff in plants). For example, the group of flavonoids called anthocyanins (found in purple corn and blueberries) which  are highly ‘anti-radical’ and have a strong ‘antioxidant capacity’. That is, they are protective against cancer.

Ruth Heidrich cancer recoveryVegan diet protects against cancerSo assuming that the vegan diet is protective against cancer there should be examples of this protection. Of course, the same would be true for cancer cures. Well here’s someone who fits that bill. Taken from Exclusive Excerpt from “Lifelong Running: Overcome the 11 Myths About Running and Live a Healthier Life” by Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph.D. | Our Hen House here’s a little bit about Ruth Heidrich whose vegan diet protects her against cancer after saving her in the first place. Continue reading

Vegetarians and vegans live longer with less environmental impact

Veggies live longerVegetarians and vegans live longer, confirmed by science, again. And what’s more even politicians are now suggesting that meat consumption should be reduced to lower environmental load on the planet. This is hardly news to vegans, the Vegan Society says that meat production has quadrupled in the last 50 years and farmed animals outnumber humans by 3:1! So if this is healthy, why do vegans live longer? Continue reading

Vegan Diet and Cancer

Vegan diet and cancer
Vegan diet and cancer protection means lots of colourful veggies – lush


Cancer is a nasty, shocking word with awful connotations right across the whole world. A recent article on Huffington Post reports on the vegan diet and cancer incidence. Basically, this is much lower amongst vegans compared to vegetarians and meat-eaters. This is not surprising given the propensity for alternative cancer therapies to propose vegan or near vegan diets as part of the therapy. An example is Gerson Therapy, which has been around since before the Second World War and claims very high success rates for curing late stage cancer. Continue reading