Great Vegan Food at a Wedding in Frome

Vegan Wedding Food
Vegan Wedding Food – soup starter

Vegan food choices tend to be limited at weddings but with forward planning this doesn’t tend to be an issue this day and age. I went to a wedding last weekend and the food for the one and only vegan was pretty impressive and enjoyable. The whole day was a lot of fun and the setting was great at Wick Farm just outside of Frome in Somerset.

Vegan Food at weddings can be a little hit and miss

There was a little discussion in a thread about vegan food choices at weddings with, in my opinion, the worst meal offered somebody else being a piece of French bread with grated carrot on it! I was hoping for something a little more extravagant and knew things would be okay when a specially vegan canape was produced.

I’d already asked the waitress “what do you do for vegans?” and was wondering what the chef would come up with, she’d promised to ask him. A short while later she came back with gluten free bread, with onion marmalade and roast parsnip. I was pretty pleased, I have to say. I’m not a regular canape eater but this seemed a very good vegan canape choice!

Vegan Food at the wedding breakfast

Of course, the real test in terms of vegan food, came after the speeches, which were probably a test for those involved. I was not disappointed. The staff were great and once I’d been identified it was a breeze. The starter was soup, some kind of root soup, I think sweet potato and parsnip were involved and there was a crouton thingy floating in the middle. It was not a crouton as such, more a croquette – mashed potato, I think, crisply shallow fried. The regular veggie version had cheese in it, mine didn’t.

The soup was lovely, hearty and warming and very much needed. As is often the case at weddings the vegan food, any food really, is a long time coming. Everyone was read for the breakfast, suitably named given the long afternoon! Anyhow, my vegan root soup was ace.

Main course

Vegan Food for weddings
Vegan Food main course

Of course there were lots of roast veggies, I do love some roast veg on the side, so I ate a lot of these. The main course was a vegan food success, there was no ambiguity, sometimes you can end up with something that although declared vegan leaves you with a nagging doubt, usually a quick check puts your mind at rest. However, here, stuffed peppers with cous cous and steamed potatoes was so clearly vegan friendly I was chuffed.

There were too many raisins for me I did really enjoy this lovely vegan meal. For me, to really enjoy vegan food when eating out, at restaurants as well as functions, I want something I don’t normally make, something a little bit different. I never make stuffed peppers these days, although I’m tempted to start doing so.

Please something other than fruit salad for pudding

Fantastic Fruit Compot
Fantastic Fruit Compot

Well it was fruit compot! Posh fruit salad then. I wasn’t impressed initially, although it looked great but when I tasted it I was. Vegan food fit for the Queen, hypothetical vegan queen…. The fruit choices were great, right up my street, superfood berries in abundance with a lovely, not overly sweet, juice sauce. Really, tasty, tangy and so much more interesting than standard fruit salad.

I complain about fruit salad, because I once had two fruit salads at a wedding, starter and pudding! This was far, far superior. Vegan food success!

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