Gotcha! Thomas, Thomaaaaaaaaas

I’ve had a number of run-ins with “Mices” lately. The first was at the rather neglected house of an old boy who had not dealt with the problem for many many years. The result was a “Tom and Jerry” style mouse hole in the skirting and a pile of mouse droppings like sawdust or something, revolting.

Jerry mouse-hole

It really reminds me of the mousehole Jerry had in the famous Tom and Jerry cartoons.

I have also had evidence of a mouse at home on two separate occasions recently and have managed to catch each one without any real bother at all. Bait and patience are the only things required. I didn’t want to use poison or death traps, too brutal and far too cruel so I investigated ‘Humane’ mouse traps ans ended up buying the Trip Trap. It’s an ingenious design, and definitely works.


The mouse cannot escape as the angled door is wedged shut further as he pushes against it trying to escape. In the open position the door is held open by the pivot device in the centre. It takes a very small tap to knock the door shut, so the mouse strolls in after the raisin bait and is captured! Simple. You then have to take him half a mile away and set him free, otherwise he might just come back.

The only downside is if you are within earshot of the trap. The tapping and scratching the mouse makes trying to escape has woken me up in the middle of the night both times, but as soon as I shut the kitchen door I can’t hear it, so easily remedied.

Overall for an easy, clean, humane method of dealing with unwanted “Mices” the Trip Trap is tops. I got mine off Amazon for next to nothing and given the free postage these days it’s well worth having. But there are a several humane mouse traps to choose from at the link below.

humane traps

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  1. One thing to look out for. I went away for the weekend and came back to a trip trapped mouse, but it was curled up and dead. Poor thing must’ve just given up. So it’e a good idea to be around when catching the little bligthers.

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