GMO rumble with Vegan GMO

Vegan GMO rumble on with their same tactics. They refuse to answer even the simplest point and just press on with their rhetoric. It is straightforward tabloid tactics, there’s just no attempt to reply to any point made. That is, other than claim that the scientific consensus points to the safety of GM foods.

GMO rumble - label them
Label GMOs in the US – Seattle Organic Restaurants

The vegan GMO rumble continues as they repeat the same nonsense again and again. And when directly asked pertinent questions directly related to GMOs and vegans they ignore it. Vegan GMO are you actually vegan?

Animal testing, vegans and the GMO rumble

This is a major issue and something pointed out on the AndMagazine website. From the article about the Vegan GMO site and GM food in general, ccc says

Testing on animals is not a vegan principal, nor will it ever be. In fact if you purchase GMOs you are not a vegan. This is not something you can dodge around with clever wording or with a Facebook page, like the Vegan GMO, which is just comical in its ignorance of veganism.

And this is why I have been against GMOs for a very long time. It is my right to live the best life possible for myself, which being vegan is part of. If I can’t go into a food store and know the products I am buying are vegan because they are not labelled, how can I live my vegan life? If the GMO seeds are not labelled to which kingdom (plant, animal, bacteria, etc…) they are derived from, how can I know the foods produced from such seeds meet my vegan principles?

And of course he mentions that GM foods

are still tested on real live animals, it is required by law.

Go on any GMO manufacturer’s website, and amongst their press releases you will find a public statement that discusses their testing on animals.

Vegan GMO twitter profile

There’s two important issues to consider. Many GM foods have animal genes in them and all are tested on animals. These points are incredibly important to vegans and cannot be ignored. However, when pointed directly to the article and prompted to respond, Vegan GMO ignore it and say stuff along the lines of


This is a distraction tactic. A tabloid tactic even and completely ignores a real vegan issue. One that is very pertinent to the title of the blog – Vegan GMO. Lame stuff from them.

GMO documentary

Here’s a documentary that provides the other side of the story. Could even be referred to as context. This context includes the bully boy approach This context not only indicates that Monsanto are not interested in proper testing but it suggests that only truly independent study will provide the evidence on which to base a consensus. Watch this video it’s about an hour long.

Disclose.tvMonsanto A Documentary on GMO a must watch

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