GMO mini-summit

GMO mini-summit

I got this from the GreenMedInfo mailing list yesterday about a free online GMO mini-summit. I thought I’d share it with any readers interested in the GMO isssue. It’s hosted by Jeffrey Smith of the brilliant Genetic Roulette film! Be quick it’s October 25-27th!

If you are not yet aware, I am happy to inform you of the upcoming GMO Mini-Summit, going live in only three days. This entirely free, web-based event is hosted by leading non-GMO activist, Jeffrey Smith (with whom I just completed an important study on GMOs and Gluten Sensitivity), and best-selling author John Robbins, who together are interviewing 10 leading authorities on the impact GMOs have on us all.

Click here to learn more and register for this free event==> GMO Mini Summit

You’ll discover:

• Studies revealing the health effects of GMOs on animals, humans and the environment

• The possible GMO connection to allergies, autism, and leaky gut

• How to help your family eat healthier and avoid GMOs

• Ways to get involved and become active in the fight for GMO labeling and the future of agriculture

I’m going to be there for sure. I hope you’ll join me.

Click here to learn more and register for this free event==> GMO Mini Summit

There’s an awful lot of speakers and the event runs over three days so it’s a bit of a time investment to watch it all. Once you sign up to reserve your place you get the thank you page and this

The GMO mini-Summit is a free virtual event, giving you access to the leading independent experts, speakers and activists on this vitally important subject.

The event runs for 3 days and you’ll have access to all 10 inspiring, practical and life-changing interviews with our expert panel.

After the main summit finishes you’ll also be granted exclusive access to 10 more Second Wave Expert Presentations over the next 5 weeks.

GMO mini-summit speakers

So there’s plenty of info following the event too.It might just be worth a look. There is some kind of package you can buy that gives you all kinds of recordings and stuff, but I won’t be having any of that. I’ll just watch what I can. The first speaker is Thierry Vrain the former pro-GMO scientist who’s not convinced any more. The full list is

  • Thierry Vrain, PhD – Former Pro-GMO scientist
  • Vandana Shiva, PhD – Food Security in a global community
  • Ken Cook – Sustainable Agriculture for a hungry world
  • Robyn O’Brien – Fighting food allergies
  • Andrew Kimberell – Your right to know
  • Joseph Mercola, DO – Reclaim your health and your democracy
  • Michael Hansen, PhD – What does the science tell us?
  • Miguel Altieri, PhD – What is the environmental inpact of GMOs
  • Claire Robinson, MPhil – The science, the spin and the truth
  • John & Jeffrey – Protect your family and make a difference

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