GM crops – coalition agenda ignores public opinion and current research

The normally hateful Daily Mail is right on it today, reporting that the current government are once more ignoring public opinion and pushing for the adoption of GM crops.

Controls on ‘Frankenstein Food’ crops should be slimmed down to clear the way for commercial cultivation, according to Britain’s science minister.

David Willetts, who has been heavily lobbied by GM campaigners and scientists funded by the GM industry, insists biotech crops could feed the world. Mr Willetts in the science department and the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, are pushing for EU controls on new GM crops and food to be relaxed

The agenda is clear although public opinion sits on the other side of the fence as

Official research by the Government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) suggests shoppers actually want more information about GM and how it is getting on to dinner tables by stealth.

Currently, a large part of the meat, milk and eggs in stores comes from farm animals fed a GM diet, such as genetically modified soya and maize, however consumers are kept in the dark.

Ministers have ignored a recent FSA study which found that two in three people want any food derived from animals fed on GM to declare the fact on the label

quotes from the Daily Mail online at Ease curbs on GM food, says Willetts: Science minister says crops could be used to feed the world

GM crops advocate - David Willets
Down with the program – GM crops advocate

Public opinion is not in favour of GM crops

While the FSA study does not suggest directly that people want GM food banned the public DO WANT to be informed. THat is the very least the government owe us. Furthermore, the article completely ignores the recent anti-GM March Against Monsanto involving two million people! Yes that is right, two million.

In the week that finally one American state has followed public opinion and agreed to introduce GMO labeling, our government continues to ignore the public. The incessant lobbying has paid dividends for the Biotech corporations. The coalition agenda is clear; push for GM adoption in the EU. I’ve said it before, it’s a good job the UK is in the EU, it helps curb our government from having it’s own way. Given it’s own way we would have GM crops directly in the food chain on a much larger level.

It would struggle to get the current labeling of GM foods repealed but I expect they would try. It goes to show that while Monsanto have pulled out of Europe they GM threat is alive and kicking. It’s not true that they have gone completely as the attempts to push through the controversial, to say the least, EU laws on heirloom seeds, which seeks to make it illegal grow plants from non-approved seed. In effect, large biotech corporations with patents on seeds will be allowed to sell  their seeds while other non-registered seeds will be illegal.

The Monsanto influence continues…

Many vegans and non-vegans are ambivalent to GM food threat. You should not be. Put simply Monsanto and other biotech corporations want to control agriculture, this is very dangerous in itself. It’s worse when you consider the GM crops they want to produce, and currently are growing, are dangerous to human health. At the very least potentially dangerous.

There is sufficient research to cast doubt on GM crops. Sufficient to insist on greater testing on currently approved crops. For instance, today I came across another study which showed that pigs reared on a mix of GM soy and corn were significantly more unhealthy than pigs fed on regular crops.

GM-fed females had on average a 25% heavier uterus than non-GM-fed females, a possible indicator of disease that requires further investigation. Also, the level of severe inflammation in stomachs was markedly higher in pigs fed on the GM diet. The research results were striking and statistically significant

Quote from Sustainable Pulse website – GM crops harm pigs

If you visit the site you will see the images of the pigs stomachs. They are not pleasant, but the GM fed pigs is clearly having a worse time of it than the other pigs. There is an irony with the bloke suggesting it’s an animal welfare issue, when the pigs in the study were taken from weaning to slaughter over five months. This is the typical lifepan of a farm pig.

That’s disgraceful enough but when the feed from GM crops is causing the pig sufficient pain to make them aggressive it’s even worse. The health implications for humans are another matter.

GM crops tested in farm environment

This study is interesting and provides greater insight into the debate on GM crops. Firstly, the study was conducted under farm conditions over the natural lifespan of a farm pig.

Secondly, the feed used combined GM soy and GM corn, which is what happens on farms. The testing of GM crops fails to take into consideration the possibility of an interaction. The testing assumes that the effects of GM crops fed to animals are independent, this study shows that combined GM feed causes harm to pigs. That is a major finding! Read the study here.

In my mind there is sufficient evidence to require further testing before GM crops are let loose on the general population. There is an awful lot of GM crops sanctioned in the EU, thankfully there is significant opposition at a high enough level to prevent the biotech industry to run riot unabated.

Where will the genetic tinkering end…

The New scientist reported that a new start-up has raised funds to develop a GM houseplant that glows. Really! The expert interviewed seemed to think that there would be very little chance of a harmful impact. That really isn’t good enough. There simply has to be proper, independent research before this dangerous precedent is set. Grim stuff!

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