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The Birmingham Great Run was today!

Well 18 thousand people ran this thing today and it really was good fun! I think a lot of people who ran it thought otherwise but I enjoyed myself. As I mentioned in an earlier post I was ill recently. This illness meant I couldn’t train in the two weeks coming up to the taper part of the preparation, os in effect I hadn’t ran for three weeks prior to today’s race. But it was still fun!

Also, I had not run as much as four miles prior to the event! After, my training on Thursday night I knew I’d be fine, so long as I didn’t go mad. I felt good on Thursday  When ill I had two choices;  I could run through the illness and risk prolonging it or stop training and get well. I chose the latter, I was feeling so shitty two weeks before taper week that my main concern was to feel good on the day. In retrospect I think I made the right choice!

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ChiRunning for the Great Birmingham Run 2012

So I’m a few weeks into my ChiRunning preparation for the Great Birmingham Run 2012 in October and with seven weeks to go here’s a little progress report…

ChiRunning in Cannon Hill Park

I’ve been working at implementing the ChiRunning tips more than anything else. I’ve not ran as far as even 3.5 miles yet, although the pace has improved somewhat. The best part is the pain after a run has drastically improved. Of course, that is to be expected as my legs get used to the running again after such a long time off. However, the method of running is so different to my previous style that in conjunction with the leg draining after a run I feel no pain at all! Continue reading