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Great Birmingham Run 2012: Vegan Heath Begins Training!

I signed up for the Great Birmingham Run the other day after a friend on Facebook suggested people ought to. It’s been at least two years since I ran at all and a good few years before that when I last ran regularly. So I do need to use the ten weeks available for training effectively if I want to do well.

Two years ago I did the Tough Guy event which was a lot of fun and involved some preparation training. I did a limited amount of running, lots of cycling, plenty of pull ups and regular tabata’s for anaerobic conditioning. ¬†You need that lot as there are a lot of obstacles in the tough guy. There’s about 8 miles of running in the Tough Guy and I did manage the Great Sutton Run a few years ago so I do think the half marathon distance of the Great Birmingham run is achievable. Continue reading