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Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester

I failed to attend the Northern Vegan Festival but the lovely Trishul Smith went and told me all about  it. I was a bit envious of the people going there as Trish posted a pic of her Pistachio & Sour Cherry caramels on Facebook and they do taste as good as they look, I can confirm that. The sour cherry flavour bombs are explosive! I do love these all raw, vegan treats.

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Cruelty Free Christmas Fair in Kings Heath

The Cruelty Free Christmas Fair is only a short hop from Balsall Heath. It’s held at the All Saints Church Hall on Vicarage Road in Kings Heath and I was greeted by a Moseley Vegan member (Chelsea from Wolvo) and friend with sandwich samples. Good start to this year’s Cruelty Free Christmas Fair! The new improved church hall is a step up from the dilapidated, drafty old version, if a little smaller but with plenty of bike parking, always useful. Continue reading

The Birmingham Great Run was today!

Well 18 thousand people ran this thing today and it really was good fun! I think a lot of people who ran it thought otherwise but I enjoyed myself. As I mentioned in an earlier post I was ill recently. This illness meant I couldn’t train in the two weeks coming up to the taper part of the preparation, os in effect I hadn’t ran for three weeks prior to today’s race. But it was still fun!

Also, I had not run as much as four miles prior to the event! After, my training on Thursday night I knew I’d be fine, so long as I didn’t go mad. I felt good on Thursday  When ill I had two choices;  I could run through the illness and risk prolonging it or stop training and get well. I chose the latter, I was feeling so shitty two weeks before taper week that my main concern was to feel good on the day. In retrospect I think I made the right choice!

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One Week to go…. Birmingham Half Marathon

Only one week left til the Birmingham Half Marathon and how do I feel? Bad, really. I’ve had a nasty cold which has gone from my head to my throat and onto my chest. I’ve bought medicine for the first time in years and I keep having flashbacks to being a small child coughing and ingesting thick, sickly sweet linctus. It does seem to be helping though, which is useful.

Birmingham Half Marathon
Birmingham Half Marathon click to sponsor me :) please

While it is not the best time to get ill, it could be a lot worse. I could have caught this bug right now, so the full force would’ve hit in time for the run itself. So I’m fairly pleased that didn’t happen and am confident that it’ll have cleared by next Sunday. Phew!

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ASIRT (Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team) Charity Appeal

As is the case all too often these days, I’m doing the Great Birmingham Run on behalf of a local charity, namely ASIRT – Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team. This charity does a great job in helping people who really need it. My friend Dave Stamp works here and is also doing the Great Birmingham Run 2012 to raise some funds for ASIRT.

[box title=”HELP ASIRT” color=”#444729″]If you want to help out ANY donation at all will be gratefully recieved here’s  the link to the donation page [/box] Continue reading