Eating Out is so difficult as a vegan but NOT at the Bulls Head, Pratts Bottom

These days, being vegetarian is so run of the mill that it generally isn’t an issue. However,it can be difficult to eat out as a vegan if you’re in the middle of nowhere.  A major factor in this and a common gripe of mine since becoming vegan, is that Pubs lack imagination when it comes to vegetarian food. They seem to insist on smearing everything in dairy products of one kind or another.

It’s all pretty poor really, but there’s always a Wetherspoon! These and similar syndicate pubs often have a list of ingredients  allowing you to discover anything vegan friendly. The trouble with these places is that you have to put up with frozen meals, which could be stuffed with preservatives etc. And you’re supporting a large chain rather than the local. Not so good.

Vegan Friendly MenuYou’re Vegan….Salad with your chips sir?

Anyone who has been vegan long enough knows the familiar yet sad situation of  pitching up hungry somewhere on holiday and having to settle for chips and salad. Uninspiring and boring after the first time. But occasionally you stumble upon somewhere superior to the norm that leaves you truly satisfied.

It doesn’t take much effort to please a vegan, really. This evening while in Orpington, Kent we needed to eat and had no way of lasting til home so an iphone search was required. The Bulls Head at Pratts Bottom (really, Pratts Bottom!) was the only local one that had reviews. In addition they mentioned that menu flexibility was available for veggies, vegans and celiacs! Woo hoo, worth a punt.

Bulls Head, Pratts Bottom

The staff were friendly and the chef came out and chatted with me and offered nut roast with veg. Get in! We had struggled to find the place, it is out in the sticks, and on arrival it didn’t look as though they’d know their chick peas from their chicken but I was wrong. Although the menu was not inspiring for a vegan; it was rammed with meat and initially I was going to choose the sausage, beans and chips without the sausage!

Vegan dinner at the Bulls Head, Pratts Bottom

BUT the chef went out of her way to accommodate while the manager made double sure that the egg was left out of the nut roast recipe, I wasn’t made to feel like a nuisance and the meal itself was lovely. The food did NOT arrive double fast quick, in a hurry, rather it was cooked fresh. The veg was lovely, cabbage, carrots and peas like I’d steam at home and there was a lovely homemade herb gravy. Ace!

I was starving when I went in there but totally satisfied on the way out. It’s great when someone goes that extra mile for you. Furthermore, during the meal the staff kept coming over and ensuring we were alright without being creepy.

In fact, I was too full for any pudding afterwards! Despite this I was tempted to see what the chef would come up with!

So would I recommend the Bulls Head at Pratts Bottom? Er yeah, it’s a great little pub in a lovely location with friendly staff and great food that caters for everyone. Chuffed!

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