Easing Your Way into Green Juicing with Vegetropolis

I’ve recently purchased my own mean green juicer machine and have been green juicing away merrily. Recently, I have been diluting the juice so it’s a little easier on the stomach. I haven’t paid much attention to breaking myself in gently, it’s been more of a bull in a green juicing shop approach. Lots of kale, broccoli and cabbage, well if you want green juice you gotta juice green vegetables!

And if you want the best results from your juice you really ought to go for organic vegetables. Following the infographic – keep scrolling it’s a long way down –  there’s an example recipe using Vegetropolis organic veg. Great!

Step by Step Green Juicing

Anyhow, I found an infographic of a more easy going approach to green juicing which might be of help to interested people. So here it is…

Guide to green Juicing

This is a useful guide to working up to kale and cabbage but I’d add another tip. Apples! Adding one or two apples takes the edge off the full green experience, which does take some adjustment. The benefits are all about health improvements, of course, and are well worth the adjustment efforts.

Personally, I can’t bare celery, I know it’s all a bit lame but it’s such a strong flavour when juiced. So I’ll keep adding apples and carrots to my greens but I will go for some lettuce. I think broccoli is a fairly benign flavour and cucumber is just so refreshing that they seem easy to me. It’s a bit sad but juicing and especially green juicing makes me happy!

The bloke who produced this infographic expands on it in an article on MindBodyGreen but has a Facebook page too, which looks quite good. I did get a recipe from there cucumber, carrot and kale. I added some broccoli and diluted it in half. It was fine but my dad wasn’t tempted, nothing new there!

Orange, Yellow & Red Carrots
Pre Victorian carrots

Vegetropolis for your Green Juicing needs

I just popped up to Kings Heath to get some Vegetropolis veg from the Kings Heath Xmas market at . Vegetropolis supply only organic and/or locally grown vegetables at a decent price. Don’t get me wrong you won’t get your Lidl bargains here but the quality of the produce cannot be beaten.

I only bought organic stuff and ended up with

  • mixed colour carrots
  • beetroot (two varieties)
  • lots of kale
  • potatoes
  • ginger
  • three gala apples

It was a decent size bachpack full and was £6.35, which is a decent price. Compared reasonably well with the mixed boxes from Indigo. Obviously, the advantage being I chose exactly what I wanted.

Tom Vegetropolis said the red carrots, which pre-date Victorian times, are lovely in juice so I decided to have a go when I got in. So rather than chuck it all in I went for the restrained approach and made the following, organic juice

red carrot, beetroot and ginger juice
red carrot, beetroot and ginger juice
  • 1 small beetroot (the lighter variety)
  • 4 red carrots
  • small piece of ginger

This very simple recipe produced a delicious juice. Admittedly, notstrictly green juicing, however, red is good too! As long as the veg has colour you can be sure it’s good stuff, especially if it’s organic. I don’t often refer to the juice I make as delicious but this one certainly was. Although you could be forgiven for thinking the deep red colour was due to the beetroot the majority of the juice came from the red carrots.

Although it looks very similar to the Obahma Juice this is a way nicer juice drink. Tom Vegetropolis was right, red carrots make great juice. I’ll be back!

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