Durian Rider banned from YouTube, without explanation! But now he’s back!

Durian Rider has been banned from YouTube! That’s grim, completely unfair and an example of censorship that we don’t want to see. Rob Tilling, of Moseley Vegans and Vegan Cyclists on Facebook, sent me a message about this and I feel compelled to write a post. There’s a petition on change org to sign, which might have an effect.

Who is Durian Rider?

Durian Rider and some fruitPut simply, he’s the 30 Bananas a Day bloke from Australia. He’s very much into a raw vegan lifestyle and an endurance athlete. He can be a little controversial as he is pretty outspoken and is truly all about a high carb raw vegan lifestyle, which is not for everyone. To be honest, I find his site confusing and I haven’t spent much time there. His videos are great though, YouTube is where I’ve experienced him most.

And it is an experience, he provides a mixture of humour and information in the videos. Take home message… fruit is great! There’s much more and I do love the fact that humans can thrive on nothing more than fruit, or 30 bananas a day even. If you do a Google search for him you will get a lot of ‘haters’ giving him some grief. This is because he’s really bolschy and a great alternative to the dippy, hippy ‘fusty’ vegan image that is too often presented. He’s actually, difficult not to like.


I don’t agree with the 80-10-10 approach although the general idea is pretty good (no meat, lots of fruit and veg). Plenty of thriving followers are testament to this approach being viable, at least viable. I’m afraid I’m into raw coconut oil too much to fit into that particular vegan niche. I Do think there is a lot to gain from being informed about these more extreme approaches.

Paleo Alert! Durian Rider has annoyed a few…

It seems plausible that given the amount of naming and shaming Durian Rider is happy to do he’s made some enemies. Many of these will be in the Paleo community. To me Paleo is flawed, it’s not much more than Atkins plus berries. Furthermore, the Paleo lifestyle does seem to attract a large number of the unreasonably dogmatic. With some organisation I’m sure sufficient complaints to YouTube could result in his channel being pulled. This is a big, big shame. Let’s organise back, sign the petition!

DON@T sign the petition on change org to get the excellent Durian Rider channel reinstated because he’s back, see below…

Durian Rider Blog

I have just found the Durian Rider blog and will be using this to check out his stuff from now on. A very recent post gives details of his new YouTube channels which are more organised than the previous one, which had everything in one place.

Below is a video from Durian Rider about getting his channel taken down. And a plea to sign the petition on change org. Please do so, Durian is as entitled to have his say as anyone else. It’s interesting that the email he reads suggests there is a campaign against his channel. But rather than Paleo people it’s another source!

Good work from Durian Rider

He has a tendency to say it like it is. There seems to be a bit of a feud between Durian Rider and the bloke off the Raw Food World channel. This is due to Durian’s disagreement with some of the rather dodgy commercialism on that site. Personally, I find the luvvy duvvy Matt (as Durian describes him below) way too ‘fusty’ but this video will raise your eyebrows. Thanks Durian!

And his comment about the packaged raw food processed crap is really a very good point.

Durian Ride is Back

Ace! Durian has been reinstated, the original YouTube channel is back up and running. 6000 signatures on the petition and for whatever reasons the channel was banned they are now irrelevant! Big thanks to Vegan Power Fitness for alterting me to this video announcing the return of Durian Rider :)

5 thoughts on “Durian Rider banned from YouTube, without explanation! But now he’s back!”

  1. You might want to edit this now that Durian Rider isn’t Raw Vegan anymore. Also add that he also consumes processed cereal and canned food and adds 300+ grams of refined sugar to his daily consumption.

  2. Sure. You can see here that he is consuming a bowl of Kelloggs sustain with 150 grams of sugar and then the video states that he will do it again.


    In the next two videos he first consumes a can of Sanatarium Vegie Mince as a prank but then in the second video you can see he adds it to food. Calls it a “Vegan thing” even though on the sanatarium website says “may contain eggs and milk”

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXUOTGruSE8 (From 4:37)

    He does say that he doesn’t normally eat this canned food but yet its still being added as a meal here

    The next video shows him adding a cup of sugar to a banana smoothie and says he is giving “real world options”


    And finally, the last video here he states that he consumes 7,000 calories on a particular day and then says people with kids need more carbs than he does because they can’t sleep during the day like he can. (See 5:14 and 5:47 )


    He once called refined sugar a “toxic stodge” yet now it seems he is a sugar addict.
    (screenshot at http://s27.postimg.org/hp7mzscbn/sugasuga1.jpg )

  3. “Atkins plus berries?”

    Dear lord do some research before you write something so horribly uninformed.

  4. Hello Rob

    In simple terms Paleo is little more than Atkins plus berries – lots and lots of protein and berries as an after-thought to fit the neolithic era pretence.
    If you bothered to read the link in the same sentence you will get to a rather more detailed post outlining my objections. You might enjoy it.

    Of course, Paleo does involve grass fed animals rather than mass production animals but there are huge issues with this diet fad. Read the article on Paleo flaws

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