Dr Hawden Trust and Rob’s lovely day out!

Rob Tilling of the Moseley Vegans Facebook group loves the Dr Hawden Trust – as we all should. In fact, he’s so keen on the Dr Hawden Trust and the good work they do that he’s going to ride to Norwich and back to raise funds for them. That’s over 500 km round trip and more than most people would dream of. However, for Rob it’s “a lovely day out”!

Dr Hawden Trust

So what is all the fuss about the Dr Hawden Trust?

Well, if you’re wondering… the Dr Hawden Trust

is the UK’s leading medical research charity that funds and promotes the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research and testing.

To further this aim, the DHT supports and assists scientists to implement existing techniques and develop new ones which are more human-relevant and replace animal experiments.

Who We Are – on the Dr Hawden Trust website

Now there’s a fantastic mission statement if ever I read one. The Trust is named after Dr. Walter Hawden who was born as long ago as 1854 and died in 1932. He became vegetarian in 1875,! He was 22. And that is way before Moseley Vegans or Facebook were ever considered.

Dr Walter HawdenWalter Hawden trained as a pharmacist and ran one in Somerset before studying medicine at Bristol University. He did very well, won loads of prizes and eventually got his MD at St. Andrews University.

He moved to Gloucester in 1896, running a surgery until his death in 1932. There. he was invited to join the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. The invitation came not long after the Union’s founding in 1898. He did his research and concluded that  vivisection had “done nothing whatever for the amelioration or the cure of any human disease.” From then on he crusaded relentlessly for the abolition. He later made President!

The Dr Hawden Trust was founded in 1970 by Sidney Hicks, then the General Secretary of BUAV and so named after one of the early Presidents.

Okay, old Walter was a great bloke and the Dr. Hawden Trust IS great…. so what?

So give them a hand. Since 1970 they have funded 140 projects, replacing animal experiments in Medical research into diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.  All good stuff.

You can help make Rob’s Nice Day out all very worthwhile by sponsoring him on his Just Giving page. Every little helps, so DO IT NOW!


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