Discounts for World Vegan Month

There are some great savings to be had here so treat yourself during World Vegan Month or even start your cruelty-free Festive shopping early.  Please note that links are to external websites and The Vegan Society is not responsible for the content of these sites.  All discounts are available for the month of November.

World Vegan Month, discounts to be had!

 Vegan-friendly vitamins and supplements company Veganicity is offering 40% off all products throughout November. Claim the offer online, or visit Veganicity and use the code VMWVM2013.

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There’s many more to be had, such as

  • Big Green Smile
  • Bio-D – ehtical cleaning and laundry products
  • Femmecup
  • Humane Wildlife Solutions – a 100% humane, non-lethal alternative to pest control
  • The Raw Chocolate Company organic, fairtrade, vegan certified and raw chocolate bars
  • Eco Vegan Shoes
  • The Flapjack Girls

So take advantage, ten days and counting.

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