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Delhi COffee Shop
Delhi Coffee Shop

If you’re in the city centre and want a tasty vegan snack, it can be a bit difficult. There are some choices but they tend to be pretty limited. However, on Union Street there’s a tiny on-street Coffee shop called Delhi, which offers chick pea curry and basmati rice for £3. Yes that’s correct, just three of your English pounds. That’s a bargain in anyone’s book.

There are other non-vegan options available but I can’t comment on those. The food is honest to goodness homemade Indian fayre and at the price is about as cheap as it gets for lovely spicy dinner. It is spicy, mind.

Chick Pea Curry
Chick Pea Curry

The samosa’s are divine too, but cost 80p, so not such good value. The coffee is the cheapest in town, or if not very close to it. The staff are a bit shy and didn’t want their photo taken, but are helpful and friendly and will even hold a meal for you if you have things to do in town, so long as you pay first.

The curry comes served in a microwave tub, which is re-useable, I take mine home and do indeed re-use them. There is limited seating available outside the shop on Union Street itself, and it’s pretty pleasant in the sunshine. I thoroughly recommend a visit.

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