Cruelty Free Christmas Fair in Kings Heath

The Cruelty Free Christmas Fair is only a short hop from Balsall Heath. It’s held at the All Saints Church Hall on Vicarage Road in Kings Heath and I was greeted by a Moseley Vegan member (Chelsea from Wolvo) and friend with sandwich samples. Good start to this year’s Cruelty Free Christmas Fair! The new improved church hall is a step up from the dilapidated, drafty old version, if a little smaller but with plenty of bike parking, always useful.

ChangeKitchen catering for the Cruelty Free Christmas Fair

ChangeKitchen platter
ChangeKitchen platter (half eaten)

Plenty of stalls to keep you interested and after a few hello’s I was off to the ChangeKitchen stand for my dinner, starving. There’s always some catering at the Cruelty Free Christmas Fair and this year it was these lot. It’s funny when you vaguely know people from some virtual Facebook encounter before actually meeting them in the flesh. I’d been intrigued by the pop-up Kitchens these lot do and was keen to try their food. I had a mixed platter.

This consisted of several salads, home made samosa and a couple savoury veg pastry thingies. Very nice and totally satiating, I do like my food, volume is important to me. But this was no stuff your face with cardboard affair. The red cabbage and raisins worked very well as did the green bean salad and the pastries were lush. There was still room for some strudel – winter fruits and mincemeat. Gorgeous and so filling, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage samples.

Beet the System

Beet the System sunflower seed tempeh
Beet the System sunflower seed tempeh

Luckily, I could and the new sunflower seed Beet the System tempeh was duly sampled and a portion bought. This is lovely stuff and I had some in a meal for my tea, review to follow… I think there will be more reviews of this tempeh I love it. I love that Beet the System are experimenting, next week there’ll be some with sesame and even some kidney bean tempeh!! This was a little nuttier in flavour and lovely with the posh soy sauce (I forget the name….). I’ve already reviewed some tempeh I had last week and this was just as good for all the same reasons!

Athene Skin Care

I then went round a few more stalls stopping to chat to the Athene Skin Care ladies. Vegan, ethical skincare for those that need or desire such things. I’m a bit too blokey for this sort of thing but did get a some bath salts. Nice and relaxing after some over-exertions…

Trishul Raw Chocolate

Onto Trishul Raw Chocolate. I have to try to ration myself here, I could literally spend a fortune, there’s so many products now and they’re so delicious. I had hazelnut truffles today, wow very good. I’d bumped into old mates Steve and Sarah and guided them away from the sugary, cooked stuff and onto the Superfood, raw stuff at Trishul. I’m a believer and they are too, now.

I chatted a little more with other friends and had the pleasure of, briefly meeting Rob Jackson from Moseley Vegans, eventually. I was on a tight schedule and had to battle up the High Street on my bike but went away glad that I’d bothered. There were a fair few people in the Church Hall and lots of hustle and bustle. I think this year’s Cruelty Free Christmas Fair was a good old success and I’ll be coming again next year. As Kevin White of Midlands Vegan Campaigns said

What a fantastic day! Compassionate people came from across the West Midlands to our Xmas Fair in Kings Heath, eager to stock up on cruelty-free goodies and support local animal sanctuaries, campaigns and small ethical companies. Many other visitors poured in after being handed free food in the street or seeing our signs! As ever, the most popular attraction was the free food table, as visitors sampled the delights of varied vegan cuisine! The hall was busy and buzzing pretty much all day and all stallholders went home happy! Many thanks to everyone who made the event such a success, particular thanks to the wonderful Birmingham based veggie/vegan caterers ChangeKitchen CIC and Moseley Vegans for organising the free food table and steering people from the street in our direction! :)

What I really like about these sort of things is the passion the people working the stanlls have for what they do. Whether it’s food, cosmetics, rescue, sanctuary or whatever, the passion is great. All that energy crushed into one small room makes you feel good. If you missed this and are desperately upset that you did Midlands Vegan Campaigns put on several events across the year so look out for them!

Wild Time Radio

I did bump into the Wild Time Radio people who interviewed many of the people at the Cruelty Free Christmas Fair. You can read about what they saw and listen to the radio show interviews!


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