Court orders girls’ MMR vaccination

The whole MMR debate is controversial, with passionate debate on both sides. This report from the BBC is worrying for two reasons. Firstly, the courts ordering people to have it against their will.

A judge has ruled that sisters aged 15 and 11 must have the MMR vaccine even though they and their mother do not want it, BBC Newsnight has learned.┬áThe High Court decision, made last month, came after the girls’ father brought a case seeking vaccination…

In 2003 a mother was ordered to have her child immunised against measles, mumps and rubella after the court ruled the benefits of vaccination outweighed the risks. In 2011, children in care were ordered to have the MMR jab against the wishes of their parents.

from BBC Health

So what happened to informed consent? Correct me if I’m wrong but generally we have to provide consent rather than have it foisted on us by the courts.

Vegans and the MMR jab


Another worrying aspect is that one of the girls is vegan and objects on those grounds. The BBC report goes on to say

A court-appointed welfare officer who spoke extensively to the girls said that neither of them wanted the vaccination.

The children were particularly concerned about the ingredients in the vaccine, which include animal-based materials; one of the girls is a vegan.

This part is clear and obvious. I don’t want the jab because I am vegan and avoid animal ingredients of all kinds. To force animal ingredients on someone who is vegan is against the Human Rights Act, surely? The Equality Act of 2006 includes vegans being recognised as having rights. So this girl is having those violated by the Judge.

Mrs Justice Theis decided that it was in the best interests of the children that they were vaccinated.

“I am aware that this is against the girls’ wishes but that that it is not the only factor,” she wrote. “The court also has to consider their level of understanding of the issues involved and what factors have influenced their views. I do not consider there is a balanced level of understanding by them of the issues involved.”

So the Judge has decided that it is in the girls’ best interests to have the MMR jab despite it violating their human rights to be vegan. I’m not sure that was considered in this instance. Aside from any other debate why is there no vegan alternative?

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