Cordyceps supplement, the aftermath!

I was interested to see how the cordyceps supplement from Detox Your World would fair against glutamine to help post exercise recovery. Initially I found it to be no different to glutamine.

However, since then I have been taking it for several weeks. I really do think it needed some time to kick in. It’s certainly kicked in now, that’s for sure.

Cordyceps supplements and muscle recovery

This was my first interest. Cordyceps is supposed to help with muscle recovery after exercise. And it really does, not just a bit, a lot. In fact, I barely notice the muscle recovery soreness.

Now there is a caveat, there is still muscle soreness but it’s hugely better than otherwise. I’ve been doing spin classes, which have a bodyweight strength training section. In addition, something called Boot Camp, which is a beasting session of lots of bodyweight, iron weights and cardio machines thrown in. It’s tough and certainly not exclusively cardio. This means there’s some resistance training derived soreness.

However, after testing the cordyceps for several weeks I will now try it in combination with glutamine. This should clear up the lot or at least put a dent in it! I dunno but it will help.

Cordyceps supplement from Detox Your World

Detox Your World suggest that you should take the following into consideration

  • Consult your GP before you order Cordyceps Mushroom Herbal Extract, especially if you suffer from autoimmune diseases such as MS, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis or are taking any type of medication
  • ½ – 1 tsp. daily. Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 1 teaspoon unless otherwise advised by a naturopath.
  • Tea, smoothies, juices, shakes, lemonades, fruit salads, breakfast cereals, desserts and other hot and cold dishes

They also say that this herbal extract is produced in Europe. Also their products are certified organic and are imported directly from local farmers.

Organic Cordyceps Supplement
Organic Cordyceps Supplement

Any energy benefits?

Yeah. This is the part I like best. It’s fairly easy to get used to your muscles not hurting. You stop appreciating it after a while. However, having the energy to get through a difficult workout is great. I haven’t got bored of this part yet. In fact, I really like this part.

I’ve increased the number of visits to the gym classes each week and really just want more. It’s not like you are bouncing around the place all the time. Rather during the workout it’s easier to kick on and get through it.

I’ve been surprised at how good it feels. Although you do know you’ve been at it. I’m pretty happy with this stuff and I’m ordering more from Detox Your World as I’m close to empty.

How about testing without cordyceps supplements

Now that the packet of cordyceps is done, near enough, I should really have at least a week without, to test the difference. To see if a lay off from the stuff means I’m sore and have no energy. Oddly, that’s not an enticing thought… So I’ll probably not bother.

It’s the taste

The Detox Your World write up about their cordyceps supplement says that it “boasts a delightfully sweet flavour”. Ahem. I disagree with that, completely. It’s certainly not as nasty as the other type I’ve tried but it’s still a fairly strong flavour. I mix it into my porridge in the morning. I also often have it post-exercise mixed into a drink with some other bits and pieces. I flavour this with lots of lemon and some sweetener, usually agave. This makes it easy to get down.

Wanting to get an advantage? Try this stuff for a few weeks and see how you get on. I don’t think it will happen straight away, persevere and you’ll get the benefits.

Is cordyceps vegan? Aren’t insects involved?

Well cordyceps is a mushroom, so hell yeah! Well not quite a mushroom apparently. Rather cordyceps is a parasitic fungi that grows inside insects. Kinda gross and kinda iffy ground for vegans.

However, commercially produced cordyceps is unlikely to have been cultivated in the high-altitude mountains of Tibet, Nepal and China.  Rather according to “modern cultivation techniques allow cordyceps sinensis to be grown in a controlled environment on grain – completely insect free and vegetarian”. Phew.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using these mushrooms (sic) for centuries. Modern production produces a cordyceps supplement extract that is much stronger than the actual mushroom and great for humans to get the benefits. Rock and roll!

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