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Living coconut page

This page provides a list of the various coconut products I recommend and links to them on Amazon or other sites. As coconuts need to be imported none of these products are Tesco budget lines as such. The quality is really good and I do try to provide a lower end item as an alternative to the more luxury, top end version. Starting off with coconut oil this page will grow over time

Coconut oil

Virgin Coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is the rolls royce of coconut oil and if money were no object, this would be the choice for ALL uses. However, using this beautiful stuff is a pricey do. Essential is my favourite brand because it offers the best value but I do also like Biona and Tiana.

Tiana is fair trade but I do believe that all Essential products are too. I’m not certain about Biona but they are a good ethical company, highly trustworthy. You can bulk buy the Essential brand to save a few quid but it’s a bit of an investment!

Refined Coconut oil

As with all coconut oil, there are many uses but for cooking there’s only one brand I use and that is KTC. The other refined coconut oil choice really do offer great value and are organic! All are suitable for human consumption, don’t worry about the carrier oil bit, coconut oil has many uses.

Coconut Milk


I love cooking with this stuff and as always in a perfect world I’m going to go for the full organic version additive free. So Biona is my coconut milk of choice but the Amaizin product is cheaper, it does have guar gum added, which acts as a stabliser. I’m sure it’s fine but I like Biona!


There are some cheaper options available but there is the issue of additives to consider. But when money is tight these are good choices

The TRS brand has no preservatives or colouring which is good news, there are others that are too full of additives to be able to recommend, I avoid them.

5 thoughts on “Coconut”

  1. Is there any way of knowing if the KTC brand of coconut oil is partially or fully hydrogenated? It doesn’t say so on the container.

  2. Hi Jon
    Any reason why you have not included Pride Coconut Milk in your review? Coconut extract (75%)

  3. Hi Steven, no reason. I reviewed the ones I was able to get in those particular shops. That is all.


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