Cheeky dumplings………

5 lentil winter stew

I’ve never had much luck with dumplings, they’ve tended to disintegrate, which is very disappointing. My friend made some for a puy lentil soup he made, which were great and were exactly like the dumplings of my childhood. In the lentil post, I describe a stew recipe that dumplings would have suited very well.

In the picture you are unable to see that the stew is piled up on a thick slice of wholemeal bread, this is the poor mans version. Or, nearer to the truth, the unskilled cooks version. The bread soaks up the ‘juice’ and acts like a dumpling, try it it’s very good.

2 thoughts on “Cheeky dumplings………”

  1. Do you have the recipe for the 5 lentil winter stew? It looks and sounds amazing!!

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