Cacao Liquor shake

Cacao Liquor – shakes and puds

The wonderful Trishul Smith mentioned how great cacao liquor is sometime ago. I only recently got some from the equally wonderful Detox Your World. Now this is not only expensive, all lovely raw cacao is, it’s also very, very special. Even calling it a superfood is probably doing this stuff a disservice! Ha!

It arrives in a packet but looks like big brown chunks. Probably, because it is big brown chunks. But these cacao liquor chunks are chunks of lushness and, in terms of raw chocolate as instant as you’ll get. Of course, you won’t get instant chocolate as you do have to melt this gear in a bowl immersed in boiling water. However, cacao liquor melts much easier than cacao butter and has the advantage of containing a certain amount of cacao powder. It’s a bit like a combination of the two.

Cacao Liquor from Detox Your World
Cacao Liquor – lush

I’ve been making raw chocolate for a while now. With great success, even if I say so myself. The thing is the ingredients are always of such high quality it’s difficult to go wrong. If it’s too sweet add more cacao powder/butter if it’s too strong and some coconut oil (raw, organic of course) to take the edge off and if you need to add some more sweetener…It’s not rocket science. Keep tasting it and you will end up with something fantastic after a bit of chilling. The chocolate needs chilling, that is, it’s good fun making the stuff.

I do think you have to try to mess it up. But I digress. The only recipe for cacao liquor that I had when this fantastic stuff arrived was to use it in hot chocolate. I was told by two very trustworthy people that this would blow you away. But it was too hot so I made a chocolate milk shake with it instead.

Chocolate milkshake with cacao liquor

Cacao Liquor shakeI adapted this excellent chocolate milkshake recipe  from Foodsmarty, which includes avocado – snazzy! It needs altering and I left out the ice because I’m not keen on it. So here’s the ingredients I used

  • two lumps of cacao liquor
  • three teaspoons of sukrin
  • 1.5 cups of soya milk
  • one avocado
  • 2 table spoons purple corn powder

Melt the liquor in a bowl in boiling water – easy peasy. While waiting blend avocado pieces with the soy milk. Add the liquor. Scrape the remnants out of the bowl and add it to the mix. Then put some milk in the bowl and vigorously mix to get as much out as possible – this is precious gear! And ta-da, you have the most amazing tasting shake you’ll ever experience. To say this stuff rocks is an understatement.

I made this twice, to get through the soy milk. Brilliant. Instead of sukrin – a plant based almost zero calorie sweetener – you can use agave, date syrup, coconut sugar or even white sugar if you insist. But when you’re using top ingredients why pollute? Adding a second avocado would turn this shake into a straight dessert, like a chocolate  mousse. The only difference being that this is rammed with good guys.

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You’ll notice that I added purple corn powder, also from Detox Your World. This was merely to add even more good guys. I’m not certain it’s required as such. But I’m sure the cacao liquor gods won’t mind…

Okay so what’s so good about cacao?

If you look on the brilliant Nutirtion Data website they only have data for cocoa powder. This is vastly inferior to the raw stuff but even so there is plenty of the good stuff, particularly, magnesium, copper and manganese. However, Detox Your World say there is also large amounts of sulphur in raw cacao. And it doesn’t stop there, there are significant amounts of  the following naturally occurring neurotransmitters:

  • MAO Inhibitors – releases seratonin
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) – love chemical
  • anandamide – bliss chemical

So what are you waiting for get some raw chocolate – see Trish – or order some cacao liquor and make some raw cacao liquor shakes or even desserts! You will not be sorry. Although I said it is expensive a 100g pack costs less than a pint of beer and the quickness of the melting makes it a fast way to get real raw chocolate.

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