Buying a GREAT juicer is an investment – invest wisely!

I love my mean green juicer machine and bought it second hand off a friend. I got it for £200 which was all I wanted to pay at that time. Last week another friend asked for some advice about buying a juicer. So I gave it as best I could.

Buying a GREAT juicer is an investment

It seems to me that juicers come in three types – cheap, expensive and okay, expensive and great.

Years ago, I bought my first years ago. It was about £23 and was great to get me going. BUT and it is a big but, this cheap juicer was resigned to the cupboard to gather dust fairly quickly. The trouble is cleaning. This juicer and ones like it, area terrible faff to clean It simply became too much of a nuisance.

Expensive and okay – these are the noisy fast ones – centrifugal juicers. You can do as much research as you want BUT cleaning and noise are the drawbacks AND they are unable to extract juice from green vegetables! For me, this was the deal breaker and why I went for the next option. If I spend money on a juicer I want it to be a great one and that means I need the option to juice greens.

In addition, these centrifugal juicers create heat. This can damages delicate enzymes. Therefore, you’re not getting the full benefit from your juicing efforts. According to the first video below this means that you have to drink the juice immediately, whereas cold pressed juice can keep up to 48 hours!

Best Priced Masticating Juicers
Matstone Juicer This Matstone Juicer is about the cheapest slow juicer you’ll find and has 5 Years Parts and Labour Warranty and 12 Years Motor Warranty
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Biochef Juicer This Biochef slow juicer is the lowest priced vertical juicer I’ve seen for a long time – the reviews are good, so invest in a GREAT juicer!
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So, my recommendation is always, masticating juicer. This category is expensive and GREAT! These turn slowly and crush juice out of fruit and veg rather than chop it up. I love mine and the augur really is efficient at squeezing the most juice from your produce. Mine is vertical, an a Oscar 930 pro, but there are two standard designs – vertical and horizontal.

Masticating juicers rock but should I go for vertical or horizontal?

The lovely Tirshul has recently bought a horizontal juicer and is very happy with it. Alex Beet has used his for ten years without having to replace any parts. His still works perfectly, longevity is part of the deal with these juicers.

The horizontal masticating juicers are cheaper, or less expensive, rather. They are very good but they do require you to push through some of the veg. The vertical ones work more on gravity and are less effort in that regard. These both yield more juice than the centrifugal type. The following video is three years old but the man describes the differences between centrifugal and the horizontal and vertical augur juicers.

Slow juicer
It’s an expensive do, but a good, slow, masticating  juicer will last for years and you can buy parts if anything wears out. These slow juicers  can make nut milks and even butters I believe, certainly the horizontal ones.

The most important point is that they are expensive so you need to be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you’re gonna use your juicer machine. In relative terms the augur juicers are better value compared to some of the centrifugal juicers, which can be equally expensive. You can pay similar prices for the snazzy fast ones, Amazon is a good place to research your masticating juicers.

There are many good brands but you can pay a fair bit for them. Looking through the reviews you’ll find that most people are happy with their purchase. So while you can spend an awful lot (see the angel below) there’s relative bargains to be had!

Testing with a hand crank juicer?

I would avoid the hand crank variety of juicer. I did think of getting one for a trial run but to be honest I’m glad I jumped in. I have since heard bad things about these and it would have been a waste of money. The money for a hand crank juicer is better put toward a proper juicer – think mean green juicer machine!

In fact, I nearly got a hand cranking one before the offer of my Oscar vertical juicer popped up.  Glad I held out though. Having moved on from the idea of testing my juicing commitment with a hand juicer, I was on the verge of getting a horizontal one for about £160. If budget is tight I think that’s about the best price you’ll get.

However, at Vitality 4 Life there is a full range of cold press, slow juicers but there is a vertical juicer for not quite £200, which is the best price I’ve seen for a vert! So along with the Matstone, these are the lowest priced for vertical and horizontal juicers, respectively. However, the Biochef Juicer seems to have disappeared from the site, which is a shame. They are out of stock on Amazon too. So it’s a waiting game at the moment. They do have to get here from Australia…

There is the option of the Petra Slow JuicerPetra Slow Juicer (see below). This is a very cheap option but there are no reviews. Does anyone have one? I’d be interested to hear how good it is.

EDIT – there’s a new kid on the block. The Enpee Slow Masticating Juicer looks to be a solid performer, it’s vertical and under £200! The reviews are very good seven 5 star reviews! This looks like a good choice and has taken over from the Biochef as the best vertical bargain (relative bargain). It’s £189.99 on Amazon at the moment!
Enpee Slow Masticating Juicer

What about soft fruit?

My mate went off to Amazon to do his research and came back with

Which Oscar have you got Jon ? Some people on Amazon are saying they block up when juicing soft fruit and you have to cut everything into small pieces.I know some folk are never happy but I wondered if you had any problems.

There is a separate grill part for soft fruit which works just fine. You simply have to remember to fit it before putting the berries through the juicer. Obviously! The horizontal ones require you chop the fruit and veg up small, but the vertical ones accept larger pieces. Compared to the centrifugal one I had previously, this is NOT an issue!

To be honest, the slow, augur, masticating juicers are much of a muchness. Sure there are horizontal and vertical types but they all conform to the same basic design. I am yet to be convinced that there differ in any meaningful way between brands.

So which brand should I go for?

If you’re gonna do lots of greens it don’t matter too much. I have an idea that all the gubbings is pretty much the same, they just have branding stuck on top. My Oscar 930 pro is like the Hurom slow juicer in this video. I really can’t tell the difference.

The fourth type of juicer – money no object…

If money is no object, go for the Angel from these boring Europeans. At about £1000 for the top model it may just be stretching the budget a bit….

I think the best advice at these times is to go for the best quality masticating juicer you can afford. Probably not the Angel if you’re a mere mortal. I was told that when shopping for something completely different but it’s the best advice I ever got. Never regretted paying £40 extra for a better amp at the time and you won’t regret putting in the extra £40 for a better model.

Best Priced Masticating Juicers
Matstone Juicer This Matstone Juicer is about the least expensive slow juicer you’ll find and has 5 Years Parts and Labour Warranty and 12 Years Motor Warranty
Click through to Amazon
Biochef Juicer This Biochef slow juicer is the lowest priced vertical juicer I’ve seen for a long time – the reviews are good, so invest in a GREAT juicer!
Click through to Vitality for Life

***Update*** Exciting juicer news!

Here’s a much more affordable slow juicer. It’s on Amazon and with postage is just under £120. The images seem to show that it’s essential the same as other horizontal, single augur juicers. However, the price is a lot less. Could this be the most affordable slow juice available?
There are no reviews on Amazon, probably because it’s a new listing.

The Petra website does have some product info though, which hasn’t made it across to Amazon yet! Anyway, they say the following:

This handy and very user-friendly multi vitamin juicer efficiently extracts much more juice from fresh fruits or vegetables. This higher juice yield not only means more juice, but nutrients and enzymes are perfectly conserved thanks to the slow and perfect controlled juicing technique. Up to 86% more, in fact, in comparison to the results of a traditional juicer.

Delicious, flavourful fruit and vegetable juices are made with ease, and even hard vegetables like cabbage and carrots, as well as leafy greens and wheatgrass, can be prepared as a delicious juice. Can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning!

The juicer is particularly quiet and features a high-quality DC motor (guaranteed for 5 years), large funnel, reverse operation to prevent the juicer jamming, and overheating protection.

This IS what you want to hear, for sure. At about £120 £80 this looks an incredible bargain! There’s only two left, so I expect reviews to be up soon enough. And there is now one available, here it is…

First juicer.
Reading a lot about other models, I would say :
Slow juicer, tastes really good, everything as expected. Motor deals with carrots, hardest input for now.
Rather fast to clean (well, not slower than other juicers…) 3 minutes tops (easy dissasemble, then brush the grater, rinse all parts).

Only disadvantage : juices hard produce well, but got NO juice from a clove of garlic, and get very wet pulp after beets. But mixing soft & hard, & repassing the pulp once in the juicer gets you pretty dry pulp. Perhaps if you juice a lot, a better juicer would gain you some time and…. money. I didn’t think so, but juicing is expensive! Juice one organic cucumber, which is one of 4 ingredients on a recipe : 1,80€ in France! So getting more juice out of your products is important. Haven’t tried wheatgrass yet.

At that price it’s tempting to get one as a spare, well kinda. It’s a bargain, for sure.

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