Badass Brownies & Fantastic Fudge packed with good guys

Trish has been at it again. The Trishul these Badass Brownies and Fantastic Fudge are not only raw but they are simply packing good guys and superfood. Jammed with them and just a flavour overload. Love them.

The Badass Brownies really are badass. Badass enough for Heisenburg I’d say – you gotta know your Breaking Bad to get that. In fact…

Badass brownies

So what’s so badass about Badass Brownies?

While I haven’t got the inside info on the ingredients, there’s obviously some clues in the flavour. I’ve always loved Trish’s brownies and these are probably the best yet. There’s a big fat layer of gorgeous raw chocolate with cacao nibs covering the brownie mix. The chocolaty brownie biscuit bottom layer has walnuts (or hazelnuts) and some fruit. I couldn’t work out what dried fruit it is but I betcha it’s organic. I do know these are the badassest brownies I’ve ever had.

I’m trying to cut these in half and make them last…

Badass Brownies and Fantastic Fudge
Badass Brownies and Fantastic Fudge

Fantastic Fudge, packed to the brim

Love this too. This has an altogether more citrus flavour and as such more of a tang. Another success, the fudge is a new creation from the Trishul drawing board. Mulberry fudge to be precise and I suspect there’s some superfood adding the extra tang. Can’t certain what that is. But it works. I’d never tasted a mulberry until I encountered Trish’s delights. I’d not tried quince before either but that’s another story…

Amazingly, Trish will deliver you an order if you’r close by. Yesterday I was and my luck was in. Trish had an order ready and I was able to piggy back that order and sample the Badass Brownies and Fantastic Fudge. I also got some Kale chips to try but haven’t managed to try those yet. I’ll add my opinion of them later on.

You can contact Trish on her Facebook page. She’s pretty good at getting back to people on there. So if you want to keep up to date with where she’s selling her wares or you want an order for someone… And make sure you like her page and click the notifications and add the page to interests. Getting notifications will ensure you’re kept in the mix. If you want to know how to get notifications this post will show you!

Additionally you can check out her blog which occasionally gets updated but does have some good recipes. I highlighted a different raw brownie recipe one on here.

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