Bacon on Radio Five Live anti-vegetarian outburst

I rarely get mad at meat-eater ignorance these days, mainly because I’ve heard it all thousands of times over the years. But today I was spitting feathers and shouting at Richard Bacon and the rest of the idiots on his radio show. Generally, I am a fan of Radio Five Live, a great mix of sports news and chat. The BBC are generally pretty balanced and I enjoy keeping in touch with what’s going on in the world.

I like the Richard Bacon show. Today and all week he’s at the Edinburgh Fringe and his show has a live audience of about 300. The regular feature “Moan in” was on this afternoon where listeners observations and irritations are marked by Bacon and a guest. All contributions are moans about something. Today the first contributor had a complaint about vegetarians. He said that at dinner parties he throws he’ll ensure there is a veggie option for vegetarians. However, when his veggie friends throw a dinner party they never make the effort to cook him some meat.

Bacon agreed, as did his guest. The audience had a good old laugh and they scored the vegetarian moan as 9 out of 10. I’ve never heard a score as high as that on the program before. That irritated me, as it’s a dig I’ve heard so often. It’s still very wrong and an example of a complete lack of understanding.

Richard Bacon, asked whether there were veggies in the audience and two young women put their hands up. They couldn’t manage a cogent response as to why it is unreasonable to expect a veggie to cook a meat option at a dinner party. This was disappointing, but I guess the pressure of the moment could account for their poor response.

There was further reference to  the unreasonableness of veggies during the rest of the ‘moan in. This had me swearing at the radio at this awful ignorance. Then the contributor accepting his win proceeded to urge the audience and listeners to spread the victory for carnivores around the country. Also he urged everyone to try to make a difference with vegetarians.

Bacon then, tongue in cheek presumably proclaimed this victory as Public Service Broadcasting and the reason why they came to Edinburgh! This didn’t help my mood. What a bunch of idiots.

Why veggies shouldn’t offer a meat option at a dinner party

It’s simple really, veggies and vegans don’t eat meat and cooking dead animals is repugnant to us. Without going into detail it’s a hideous prospect. Expecting a veggie to provide meat at a dinner party is unreasonable in the same way that it’s unreasonable to expect Jews or Muslims to cook sausages for your birthday. Or asking a Bhuddist or veggie Hindu to cook you a lamb chop.

It’s not against our religion per se, veganism is not a religion, but it is within our human rights to live our lifestyle as we please. Being ridiculed or persecuted or even considered just plain rude because we won’t provide you with a roasted animal at our dinner party is plain wrong. It is YOU Richard Bacon who is being rude. Would you ask a Muslim to cook you sausages?

And in case you need to know why we find meat repugnant watch this exquisitely shot six minute video. All you need to know is in here without anything like the full horror on display.

The simple truth is that vegetarians and vegans live longer lives and have a far smaller environmental impact on the planet. There are government people calling for the country to eat less meat. So Richard Bacon get to it!

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