Avocado on toast, it’s what the Queen eats…

Avocado on toast is soooo delicious! I’m certain it makes it to the Queen’s breakfast table..

I saw this great, informative tweet today, so I decided to make avocados vegetable of the week! I love Avocados, love ‘em. You can mash them or just slice them, either way delicious.

Avocado on toast not your face

One thing I have always loved about avocados is you can spread them straight from the fruit (not really a vegetable, I know, or is it?). That’s such a great feature. When they are ripe and ready you really can use them like margarine from a tub. Great and such a waste to put them on your face! Weird idea, but very good apparently

Avocado on toast
Avocado on toast – with mayo

I really love them, nice and simple on toast. In fact, there’s no much better than a good cup of tea and avocado on toast. Oh and with lemon and black pepper, you don’t need much else to really appreciate these little beauties. The difficult bit is in deciding whether you are going to mash the avocado, or simply slice it. It’s not much of an issue I know.

I think I like them best sliced on toast – vegan soda bread, of course – with the lemon juice and black pepper of course. Simple, delicious and full of good guys. A superfood? I should coco! In my opinion, there is simply no need for extras. The BBC seem to think you need bacon with it. Ewwww, even with fake bacon, simply no need at all.

However, I will have avocado on toast with garlic mayonnaise. That does work and is a much better bet than some nasty margarine.

Avocados contain a host of good guys – vitamins and minerals including the Bs and magnesium the good (vegan) doctor mentioned in his tweet. But there’s so much more too, see nutrition data for more Avocado info!

Avocado on toast, round up

According to Vegan Heath, the best is sliced but there are three acceptable ways to eat avocado on toast

  1. sliced with lemon and black pepper
  2. mashed with lemon and black pepper
  3. with lemon and black pepper & garlic mayo
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