Animals in the food chain

The role of animals in the food chain is pretty grim. And with the factory farming methods of today it’s a grimmer life still. This is why PETA and Animal Aid exist. Remember the 30 day challenge for World Vegan Month, which is a chance to dip your toe and make a small difference. There’s no end of cruelty involved in factory farming in particular but the commodity of animals for food is vile, just vile. It’s summed up eloquently in this video

Making a difference to the animals in the food chain

There’s ways to make a difference beyond World Vegan Month and MoVeganBer, such as Meat Free Monday. If you can watch this video and simply shrug it off, what does that say?

Make a difference and your health will thank you! A small difference made lots of times makes a big difference…

Vegans don’t eat meat but there is fake meat

This day and age there is loads of fake  meat. This is particularly useful for non-vegans being entertained by vegans. And, of course, when said non-vegans are dipping their toe… Personally, I try to avoid wheat but it’s not that easy with fake  meat as a lot is based on wheat protein. In addition to wheat based fake meat there is also soya based versions. Soy is given a bad rap but that’s for a different post.

Taifun organic tofu weiners
Taifun organic tofu wieners

My very favourite fake meat is tofu wieners from Taifun. I love this little beauties but they’re not cheap about £3.20 to £4. I eat them straight out of the packet sometimes. This is a posh snack!

They are better with vegan mayonnaise and some salad. I like to slice them into coins best. You can also fry them to have them hot. They work great as part of a fried breakfast , although I have them rarely like this.

I do like to have them fried and included in a dinner – stir fry always works well. But you can also use them in a casserole. Or you can fry them with onions or leeks, make some gravy and have them with mash and peas. Any classic meaty recipe can be adapted for these lovely wieners. Hot dogs even!

The point is there is no need to get bored with these fake meat products. The best way is to keep them as treats and only eat them rarely. And then use your imagination.

The terrible treatment of animals in the food chain can be reduced by adoption of these fake meats. So why not eat them? How do you have your fake meat products?

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